6 teens arrested after flash mob turns violent

By Daniela Duron,

Six teens were arrested and the Mall of Louisiana was shut down Saturday night after a flash mob that involved more than 200 teenagers got out of control.

According to MSN, the flash mob started after the teens invited their social media followers to join them at the mall. After the fight ensued, three boys and three girls, ages 13-15, were arrested. The charges included disturbing the peace, simple battery, and resisting an officer.

The Daily Mail reports that police officers were called after a fight was reported on the second floor of the mall. A witness reported that the teens were jumping and turning over tables. Ambulances were also called, although there were no reported injuries.

Police are investigating the incident, as they are still not sure what caused the fight. The mall was evacuated and closed for the rest of the night, but was operating on normal hours Sunday.



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