70th Golden Globe Movie Awards Reactions

By Chris Baggiano,

Just in case you missed my movie predictions for the Golden Globes. Now, on to the reactions for the movie awards!

Best Movie – Drama

Argo. WHAT?! The Golden Globes love the shock and this award couldn’t be more shocking. Argo is a competently made spy thriller that does a good job of keeping the audience on the edge of their seat. However the movie didn’t have a three-dimensional character (Ben Affleck’s character was almost two-dimensional) and was oddly paced between the comedic Hollywood portions and the overly dramatic Middle Eastern portion. Apparently the Golden Globes wanted to award the attention to detail that the facsimiles of the images, both the people and events, from the real life events.

Leading Actor – Drama

Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln. Perhaps there is a theme with replications of famous people and events. DDL is always superb and this performance was no exception. Joaquin Phoenix for The Master is the only other person who garnered serious consideration for his haunted portrayal of World War II veteran Freddie Quell.

Leading Actress – Drama

Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty. As I mentioned in my predictions article, I had not seen any of the performances from the nominees in this category and that has not changed. From what I have heard, Chastain definitely puts in an award-worthy performance for Zero Dark Thirty and is currently on a bit of a hot streak after her Oscar and Golden Globe nominated performance as the ditz with the heart of gold for last year’s The Help.

Best Movie – Comedy or Musical

Les Misérables. After the ridiculous shock of Argo, the Golden Globes decided one shock was enough for the night. The only serious competition for Les Misérables was most likely Silver Linings Playbook but the impressive and live sung Les Misérables was more deserving.

Lead Actor – Comedy or Musical

Hugh Jackman, Les Misérables. What was just stated could easily apply to Hugh Jackman’s turn as Jean Valjean. His voice was actually a strength instead of a weakness, which is far from the norm for most movies based on musicals. It is sad to see that Jack Black did not win for his Daniel Day-Lewis-esque (so many hyphens) performance in Bernie ,but at least Jackman is deserving.

Lead Actress – Comedy or Musical

Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook. And so Ms. Lawrence wins the award for her much ballyhooed performance. I actually have not seen the movie but if it’s reminiscent of and of her previous performances then I will be wagging my finger at the Golden Globes for quite some time.

Supporting Actor – Drama, Comedy, or Musical

Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained. I am extremely disappointed that Leonardo DiCaprio did not win for the same movie, although Waltz was deserving. His reactions to DiCaprio’s heinous behavior, especially during the after dinner speech, ran the gamut of emotions from frightened to disgusted. Apparently Hollywood awards groups just hate DiCaprio because he was not even nominated for an Oscar for the performance in Django Unchained. The only explanation for this is that Waltz did have much more time on screen than DiCaprio did. An argument could be made that Samuel L. Jackson should have been nominated for the same movie in addition to Waltz and DiCaprio. I also feel I need to mention Philip Seymour-Hoffman’s performance in The Master.

Supporting Actress – Drama, Comedy, or Musical

Anne Hathaway, Les Misérables. She lost a ridiculous amount of weight, shaved her head, and made sure the director got the best take possible for her sex scene within a coffin.

Best Director

Ben Affleck, Argo. A case could have been made for any of the other nominees for this award. In fact I’m sure all of them are more deserving than Affleck, especially Quentin Tarantino who got an outstanding performance from Samuel L. Jackson, an even better performance from supporting actor winning Christoph Waltz, and a performance that transcends the previous two out of Leonardo DiCaprio. Unfortunately, Hollywood loves to award former actors turned above-average directors. C’est la vie.

Best Screenplay

Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained. Funny how Argo wins best dramatic movie and director but apparently doesn’t have the best screenplay. Perhaps it is because the screenplay wasn’t up to par (although it was nominated) and Affleck made a great movie anyway or Tarantino wrote a great screenplay but subsequently ruined the movie (which definitely did not happen). Or most likely the Golden Globes felt bad that the more deserving Tarantino didn’t win the two more prestigious awards and didn’t want him to go home empty handed.

Best Movie – Animated

Brave. It wasn’t Pixar’s best, but unless it’s a movie in the Cars franchise Pixar movies are almost always more deserving than any of its brethren.

Best Movie – Foreign

Amour. Not an incredible surprise, especially since the Academy Awards have nominated Amour as one of the best movies of the year for its regular award, not just the foreign language award.

That about sums everything up. The Golden Globes like to shock and did so with Ben Affleck’s Argo. Every other winner was fairly by the book and predictable and, aside for the awards given to Affleck and Argo, I correctly predicted all the winners. It is disappointing to see The Master go unrewarded but what can you do? Keep an eye out for my Oscar predictions and reactions when the Academy Awards approach.

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