'90210' is back with a BANG

By Zoe Shapiro,

90210 is back from its midseason break with a bang, literally. Ending last episode with Annie accidently getting shot after a struggle with Liam’s crazy bodyguard, the whole gang is in the hospital waiting for her to come out of surgery. Yet this episode is not about the wait, it is about the dream Annie has while under.

Holding the same name as the first episode ever, “We are not in Kansas Anymore.” This episode is a parallel to what is actually happening in the show now. It is the story of what would have happened if Annie and her family never moved to Beverley Hills from Kansas.

The dream begins with Annie all too ironically waking up on set of The Wizard of Oz, where her ex-boyfriend from high school surrounds her, whom she is currently engaged to in this alternate reality. It is not long before Annie learns that in this new reality she no longer talks to Dixon, for reasons unknown. The only thing she knows is that he moved to LA and they have not spoken since. In the journey to get her brother back, Annie goes to LA and runs into all of her friends, as well as many other blasts from the past.

All of her friends’ story lines in this new reality mirror what is happening in their lives now but to the extreme. Naomi is poor because Jen actually conned her out of her money. Ad is still an addict because no one sent her to rehab, but is also famous because Annie was not there to take her part in Spring Awakening.

Liam is living with his stepfather and his mother never left for being abusive. She is having money problems and still afraid of his stepfather. Naveed, like always, is Dixon’s right hand man. Silver is a gossip columnist conning all of her friends. And lastly Dixon is a rap artist who only cares about himself getting to the top.

After waking up from this bizarre reality, Annie informs all of her friends about this other reality she thought was so real. Hearing what there lives could have ended up like they all try to make peace with one another. Yet, Teddy and Silver have no luck. With Teddy finding out that Silver forged his signature, he feels betrayed and flees.

Let's just hope that Liam and Annie get back together. To find out, tune in next Tuesday to CW.



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