Al Pacino and Brian De Palmo reunite for Joe Paterno movie.

By Xingye Li,

Al Pacino and the director Brian de Palma are slated to join forces once again in Happy Valley, a film about Joe Paterno, the late controversial Penn State University American football coach.

Al Pacino has been in talks to play Paterno since September last year, and now De Palma has agreed to direct this film, which is now titled Happy Valley. The film expects to be released in 2014, reported Fox News. The two together worked on the classic crime drama, Scarface in 1983 and later on the gangster tale Carlito’s Way in 1993.

According to Deadline, the movie will be based on the best seller Joe Posnanski’s biography Paterno. The producer Edward R. Pressman said, “I can’t think of a better duo to tell this story of a complex, intensely righteous man who was brought down by his own tragic flaw.”

Paterno was a successful and respectful football coach at Penn State University, but his image was ruined after discovering that his colleague Jerry Sandusky was responsible for and charged with 45 counts of sexually abusing teenage boys from 1998 to 2011, and Paterno did almost nothing to stop it despite being aware of it, reported The Guardian. Paterno was soon fired after the Sandusky scandal and he died of lung cancer after a few months. The statue of Paterno has been removed from the Penn State Campus



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