Alabama man holds a child hostage after killing a bus driver

By Alexi Knock,

A gunman got on a school bus Tuesday and killed 66-year-old bus driver Charles Albert Poland Jr., before taking a 6-year-old boy hostage.

The suspect has been identified as Jimmy Dykes, 65. Students on the bus told authorities that the bus driver was killed attempting to save the boy.

The gunman is currently holding the young boy in an underground bunker.

The Dale County Sheriff's Department told CNN Tuesday night, “We will continue to work diligently through the night in an effort to bring closure to this incident as quickly as possible.”

According to WSFA, police are communicating with the captor through PVC pipes. The boy has not been wounded and his medication was sent down through the pipe Tuesday night.

Local pastor Michael Senn told WDHN, “He told most of them to get off the bus. And then he grabbed a little boy and shot the bus driver four times."

The FBI is now in charge of the situation and a SWAT team is surrounding the bunker.



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