'American Horror Story: Asylum' Episode 12

By Amanda Torres,

Just when you think the worst is over, American Horror Story: Asylum “Continuum” episode starts off as a bloody mess.

Last week, we left off with Lana escaping Briarcliff and revealing to the press that she intended on making a book. Kit was able to leave with Grace and their child to come home and find his wife, Alma, there with another child. Jude was on her way to ‘Looney Town’ just like the rest of the Briarcliff patients, and Monsignor had no intentions of letting the asylum’s reputation become tarnished.

WARNING: You are now coming into the spoiler zone! If you haven’t seen last night’s episode, you might not want to read any further.

“Continuum” was a bit slower compared to the other episodes in the season. This left many viewers anxious for the season finale. Shocker! It also focused more in detail on three specific characters: Kit, Jude and Lana.

It starts off with Kit at home with both of his wives, Grace and Alma, and his child from each of them. It seems like everything is going pretty well in the house. Alma and Grace are getting along, the kids are playing together and Kit has two women to come home to. There is one thing to remember: it’s the 60’s. The racist cops who say “polygamy is illegal in the state of Massachusetts”, have no intention of saving this family from random fireballs getting thrown into their house. Oh, one more thing! Kit is left to clean up the bloody mess Alma made after killing Grace because of Grace’s obsession with the aliens that abducted and impregnated them. Every family has their own issues, right? Basically, Kit is left alone to raise two kids, Grace is dead and Alma is in Briarcliff (but she soon dies unexpectedly).

Now onto Sister Jude, or should I say Betty? We all remember Monsignor had her locked away in last week’s episode and faked her death. Well, this week Jude really is dead, but Betty is alive. Monsignor had her name changed to Betty, because, well, you can’t have a dead person on your records that’s alive in your asylum. “Betty” has gone completely off the rockers and makes it harder to believe that she doesn’t belong in Briarcliff. She imagines the angel of death, played by Frances Conroy, as her roommate that is out to get her, but we soon find out that this is not the case. The new doctor in Briarcliff, Dr. Crump, reveals that she has had five roommates in one month, but Betty is not aware of this. Betty then asks for Monsignor, who apparently became Cardinal two and a half years ago, although she believes she spoke to him a few days ago. Do you get my drift yet? She has gone mad.

Now we get to the most fascinating character in the season, Lana. If you’re disgust for her change of character was sparked last night, welcome to the club.
It’s 1969 and the lovely Lana Winters released her book entitled Maniac: One Woman’s Story of Survival . She has a book signing for it and is asked to read a little bit from the book, which we all soon realize is a complete load of bologna. She knows she’s lying, and her conscience imagines Dr. Thredson in the crowd calling out her bluff. Thredson says that she has events in the book that never happened, but fame-seeking Lana simply replies, “It’s my job to tell the essence of truth.” Her conscience must really be upset with her actions because she also imagines her girlfriend in the crowd who is upset about being called a “roommate” in this “tell-all” book.

Kit comes to the book signing and realizes how far Lana’s attention seeking has gone. Lana reveals that she gave the book rights to Hollywood, insinuating there will be a movie about these horrible events. It’s like a big joke to Lana, and Kit sees right through it. “You were gonna be a reporter, not a cheap celebrity,” Kit tells Lana, but Lana’s main concern is getting her name out there as much as she can. She wants the recognition she feels she earned after all of the torture she went through, even if some of her fame is based off of lies. Lana has let the fame get so deep in her brain, that she doesn’t even care when Kit tells her Jude is still alive and at Briarcliff: “she made every bed in there…”

We almost reach the end of “Continuum” and, as expected, we take the biggest turn into left field! Remember the guy who believes he is “Bloody face’s” son? Well, he might actually be telling the truth. At the end of the episode, we see him at the bookstore explaining that he needs the copy of Maniac to finish his father’s work and kill Lana, who he believes is his mom that threw him away 48 years ago.

It was kind of a skimpy ending that left many wanting more; however, the preview for next week’s season finale seems like it will all come together. Hopefully it does; we still have “Betty” that needs escaping, Briarcliff that needs to be shut down and Lana to reconnect with her possible son… Bring on the blood episode 13! We’re ready for it!



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