'American Horror Story: Asylum' finale recap

By Amanda Torres,
"Madness Ends"

The madness really does end in the season finale of American Horror Story: Asylum.

Last week, we were left with Lana becoming a fame-seeking snob, Kit dealing with two children by himself and Jude straying slowly away from her sanity.

As always, WARNING! You are now going into the spoiler zone. If you missed the season finale last night, this will ruin it for you.

Season one of American Horror Story was almost a dead end that left many wondering what the “dead family” would do now that they’re stuck in the house forever, but season two was wrapped up perfectly with a Briarcliff-bow on top. All of the loose ends we were left with in episode 12 have been tied together.

“Madness Ends” begins with Johnny, “Bloody Face’s son”, listening to an audiobook narrated by Lana, his mother, describing the torture and horror she endured while at Briarcliff. Johnny imagines Lana sitting in a grungy bathtub regretting his conception, but imagines his father, Thredson, showing him love and affection. We’re able to see Johnny’s twisted thoughts, but that’s no shocker! He is the son of Bloody Face after all.

FLASHBACK—we go to the first episode of the season ever! No complaints with this flashback because the lovely Adam Levine was back on the screen. Remember when Levine got his arm chopped off in the first episode? Well, let’s just say Johnny was prepping himself before he got to Lana. Now, the show begins! Kudos to the writers of this season because that was a perfect beginning to a season finale!

We’re in present day and Lana has aged several years by now. She’s living in an extravagant house with a female lover, and it looks like all of her torture and suffering got her the fame and money she wanted from the beginning. She does an interview with an interviewer who is mainly concerned about the “Bloody Face saga” and we’re taken into several flashbacks to explain what happens to the remaining characters. Lana narrates it all because she began to film everything in hopes of taking her journalism career into the broadcasting field.

Lana tells the interviewer about Jude’s story. Lana gets to Jude at Briarcliff, but Jude is fragile, weak and can barely speak. Jude whispers “Lana Banana”, and Lana is snapped out of her daze and explains that’s not what really happened. By the time Lana got to Briarcliff, Jude was already gone.

Eventually, we hear Kit’s story about visiting Jude at Briarcliff and even bringing her into his home! Yes, I know what you’re thinking. This woman was the devil to Kit and he is now saving her? Give the guy a break though, he has a giant heart and we all know that. “There was still life there. There was still someone buried deep inside, but I knew that life wouldn’t last long if nobody got her out.”

Lana even raised the eyebrow when she found out Kit took her into his home, but Kit simply responded with, “I didn’t do it for her. I didn’t even do it for me, I did it for the kids.” Kit just wanted and needed somebody to forgive, so he could put Briarcliff in the past once and for all. We see Jude going through a detox and slowly becoming healthier again.

This doesn’t last long because Jude’s brain reverts back to being a “sister” at Briarcliff, and she goes mad! Kit’s children, Thomas and Julia, take her hand and they all disappear into the backyard. Grace was right, those kids are special because they all came back in one piece and Jude seemed to be her normal happy self BEFORE she became a sister at Briarcliff. Jude was able to live out her last days happy and sober with Kit and the kids before she eventually pleaded for that fatal kiss of death.

Did you forget about Monsignor, now known as Cardinal Howard? Well, Lana basically made him kill himself. Once Lana began taking on the broadcast journalism role, she chased Cardinal Howard around with cameras demanding to get answers and quotes from him. He couldn’t take the pressure, and next thing you know he’s laying in a bloody bathtub. Talk about “Bloody Face”!

Kit ended up getting re-married to a girl named Alison. Third time is the charm, right? Lana says, “I don’t know who loved her more, Kit or the kids.” Eventually Kit’s son, Thomas, becomes a law professor at Harvard, and his daughter, Julia, becomes a neuroscientists. Kit gets pancreatic cancer at the age of 40, which was the cause of his death. That wasn’t the type of death most of us envisioned for Kit, but it gets the job done, right? Lana says he disappeared, but we see the aliens take him away.

By now, Lana has explained to the interviewer how the remaining characters die. Everyone dies! Ironically, Lana and Johnny are the only big characters of this season that are still alive. Johnny had snuck in with the film crew for the interview, but Lana already spotted him and knew. She reveals to the interviewer that her son did not die at birth, but that he was given away.

FLASHBACK—Lana is at a playground saving a little boy, her son, from being bullied by another kid. It’s all warm and heartfelt, and it really seems like Lana loved Johnny and regretted her decision. She still seemed heartfelt, when she was convincing Johnny to take the gun away from her head. She explains that his father was a monster and that he should be nothing like him. As soon as she got into Johnny’s soft spot, she pointed the gun at his head and killed him. Did you really think Lana was going to die? Did you also really think she would let Johnny live?

The last flashback, the best of them all, is when Lana first stepped foot in Briarcliff. We see her and Jude exchanging words and Jude says, “Just remember, if you look in the face of evil, evil is going to look right back at you.”

Lana gives her creepy smile and walks out, Jude stares at the statue in the main entrance of Briarcliff and the season ends!

Bravo American Horror Story! Although, it wasn’t as scary or gory as the first season, it was the perfect ending. All of our questions were answered, but unfortunately Lana is still alive and making money off of everyone she killed.

Although this season ended, season three is already in the works! Co-creator Ryan Murphy is already planning out the third installment of the series. Thank you FX for keeping an amazing show running for a third season! For now, we’ll all just have to wait patiently as they cook up a new batch of craziness for American Horror Story.



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