'American Horror Story' recap: Asylum Episode 11

By Amanda Torres,
"Spilt Milk"

Finally, with only two episodes of American Horror Story: Asylum left, we are actually getting somewhere with the story line. All of the tiny pieces begin to fall together in "Spilt Milk" and we see certain characters receive the justice that was much deserved throughout the entire season.

Last week's episode may have left many of us all shocked between Monsignor killing Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden cremating himself with Eunice's body, but the deaths did not stop in “Spilt Milk." With Eunice and Arden gone, the story goes back to focusing more on Lana, Dr. Thredson and Kit.

If you missed last night's episode, this is a SPOILER ALERT!

The episode starts off with actor Dylan McDermott, who believes he is the son of “bloody face,” taking a hit out of a pipe and waiting for another form of mental escape. That second mental escape is Girlfriends actress Jill Marie Jones, who plays a prostitute that basically breastfeeds him. It was an odd way to start off the episode, especially since these two only come back once more in the episode to show him choking her out.

We begin to see more of the alien storyline, when Grace, who was dead but came back to life pregnant, comes back to Briarcliff with Kit’s child, Thomas. Kit wonders why the baby has gotten so big, and Grace tells him that “time works differently up there” and he’s a “special baby.” Kit asks about his wife, Alma, but the mood immediately turns from happy to somber. Grace responds, “They’re not perfect, they make mistakes” implying that Alma died. Despite all of the suspicion surrounding the birth of the baby, Alma and the alien situation, Kit asks Grace to marry him, so they can raise the baby together (such a 1960’s thing to do).

This part was all very weird and ended with Kit and Grace getting their baby taken away because they are unfit to raise it, since they’re in Briarcliff. Eventually, Kit is able to bribe Monsignor into letting him and Grace escape Briarcliff with the baby, but it’s all thanks to the lovely ‘Lana Banana.’

Lana’s story is the most compelling in this episode, because she finally gets the revenge and victory that she deserved after all of the torture and abuse she endured at Briarcliff. Sister Jude had tipped off one of the nuns at Briarcliff and begged for her to help Lana escape Briarcliff and reveal how terrible the place actually is.

Lana was handed the audio recording of Thredson’s confession and her patient file and put in a cab home. Thredson realizes that Lana escaped, and as the cab pulls off Lana slowly raises her middle finger at him and smashes the audio against the cab window.

Thredson rushes home and is greeted by Lana pointing a gun at him saying “the cops are on their way right now.” After what seems like forever, we finally hear the sirens getting closer, but Lana finally kills Thredson while saying “jail is too easy for you.”

Yes, Lana, you go girl! Lana’s triumphant side is revealed in this season and it’s refreshing to finally see her free and accomplishing what she originally set out to do. The story Lana has on Briarcliff hits the newspapers and reporters try to get a story out of Lana, but she simply tells them “read my book.” Just when you think Lana couldn’t get any tougher, she hits us with that sass!

Kit and Grace are gone, Lana escaped, Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden died, so we are left with only Monsignor and Sister Jude. Lana promised to get Sister Jude out of Briarcliff, but she has to go through Monsignor, who does not want Jude in her condition to get out of Briarcliff.

In one scene, Jude is shown staggered over the jukebox and Monsignor comes over to talk to her. Jude, bitter and disappointed, mocks Monsignor and yells at him. She tells him that he was seduced by the devil inside Sister Mary Eunice, and we all know how seduced he really was. Jude in a proud way says, “I am more sane now as a madwoman than I ever was when I was the head of Briarcliff!” This was the final straw for Monsignor, and he locked her away in solitary.

By the time Lana got a court order to retrieve Jude, her time ran out. Monsignor tells Lana and the detectives that Jude had hung herself in solitary. He even comes forward with fake death documentation and reports. We see Jude alive and well in solitary praying and waiting to be freed. Lana doesn’t believe a word he says, but there is nothing she can do about it.

I hope you haven’t forgotten that Lana is also still pregnant with Thredson’s, better known as bloody face, child. She attempts to abort the baby but can’t go through with it, and the episode ends with her breastfeeding the baby (ironically he is allergic to formula milk) and staring up at the cross.

We have come a long way with the season, but there is still work that needs to be done and an institution that needs to be taken down. Let’s hope these last two episodes are enough time to do it!



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