Animals on the loose on Long Island grounds!

By Amanda Ramirez,

The following rather cryptically succinct tweet, posted by @NewsDay January 11, doesn’t seem to do the situation justice.

According to a gallery published on Newsday, animals ranging from 2 ½ foot long alligators, a baby deer, a pack of horses, a squad of turtles, an injured falcon, a plethora of assorted farm animals and other feathered fowl, and a dog stuck on a roof have been running amuck across the island.

Although the photos and the incidents themselves have not been recent, it is a fascinating thing to see the many different animals, both of the land of domesticity and those of a more exotic nature. The most recent photo of the 2 ½ foot alligator was taken this past September 28 by Danielle Finklestein, the oldest from June 20, 2010.

An article on ABCLocal published on September 11, even hinted to a possible jaguar loose in East Hampton. Department of Environmental Conservation spokesperson Bill Fonda reported that exotic animals were permitted in the are, but for purely educational purposes. “Potentially people have an illegal one [jaguar],” Fonda said.

There has been no further news regarding the exotic animals loose on Long Island.

What strange animals have been found in your areas?



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