Apple reinvents computer, phone... and watch?

By Amanda Ramirez,

The latest rumor suggests that Apple plans on creating a new wearable revolution after their popular wrist jockey for the iPod Nano: the iWatch.

Apple has partnered with Intel to produce an iOS Watch, according to CNET. The watch is rumored to be bluetooth enabled, have a 1.5’’ lit screen and would be released sometime within the first half of the year.

CNN.com writes that with the creation of such a device, the iPhone, the iPad and all of the reincarnations in between could soon become a novelty. And with an innovation such as long battery life to attest to the prophecy, it’s no small wonder.

However, it stands to reason that many find this rumor to be less than credible. Considering the vast amount of everyday activities that the iPhone and iPads themselves accomplish with next to no effort, why would you purchase the iWatch- something capable of doing all the things your iPhone can -when your phone is inches away in your pocket?

VentureBeat wonders whether or not the company that revolutionized the computer and the phone really would venture so far as to attempt to reinvent the watch. Though you have to admit, a company as profitable as Apple is at no loss of revenue, so they’ve got cash to spare. Once you’re known as the innovators of a generation, can you truly stop?



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