'Archer' Recap: 'The Wind Cries Mary'

By Drew Barile,

In this episode Archer's long lost best friend and fellow spy Lucas Troy (voiced by Timothy Olyphant) reemerges, making Archer driven to get some answers. Krieger of course in the background doing his wacky experiments ad headquarters. Also there is a new character Rodney. Rodney is introduced as a armory clerk because someone was taking all the arms out of the armories (Krieger selling than to gang members). Ray Gillete is sassy as always. Pam issues everyone peer reviews, and it is a ongoing background joke throughout the show.

Luke (short for Lucas) is a guy who’s not gay, but has a same-sex attraction to Sterling Archer, but only him. Luke starting working for ODIN after being trained by ISIS. Him and Archer lost contact. However, Luke had killed a bunch of his fellow ODIN agents, stolen uranium and $10 million, and faked his own death so he could move to Vermont with Sterling to open a bed and breakfast.

However, Sterling refused to believe what had happened and was convinced that Luke faked his death and was on a mission to find the mole responsible for the crime. Archer was right and Lucas was not dead, but there was no mole. Luke explained to Archer how he did all for them to start the bed and breakfast.

Lana and Cyril were sent to retrieve Archer. As they are driving to Vermont to get Archer they argued about the peer reviews Pam assigned. Lana and Cyril find the house where Luke is hiding and a gun fight ensues. Lana ends up crushing Luke with a tree. Luke while dying gave a death-bed confessional. While the view never hear the confession. Troy’s confession was about what happened one drunken night with Archer. The implication is that Luke did some sexual act to Archer, while he was passed out drunk.



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