'Archer' Season 4 Episode 1, 'Fugue and Riffs'

By Drew Barile,

In this first episode of season four, we find Archer in a burger joint with a Burt Reynolds mustache flipping burgers with his wife, and his name is Bob. As he flips burgers Russian KGB agents come in confront him and try to kill him, calling him Archer. However, he has no clue who this Archer is, or why they are calling him that. All of a sudden he finds himself talking down the crew of KGB, no idea how he learned his spy skills.

Archer proceeds to kill them in hand-to-hand combat, runs off and leave his wife Linda for a day spa. Turns out Archer has psychogenic focal retrograde amnesia and his mother and ISIS are trying to find him.

The whole ISIS crew proceeds to the spa where Archer is and try to create a ruse to slowly help him regain his memory. They plan to dress as KGB agents and send Lana to seduce Archer. However, it is a huge disaster as more KGB agents show up and a fire fight ensues.

Lana Kane frustrated with Archers inability to remember strikes him with a frying pan behind a bar, shielding them from the flying bullets. Turns out it works and Sterling Archer remembers his whole identity and begins laying waste to the Russian KGB.

Archer then in the aftermath with the whole crew has a flash back to how Archer ran off and lost his memory. He stole his mothers wedding car, got drunk and got amnesia. At the end of the episode Archer and ISIS wonder how the KGB found him to begin with. The show ends with when the screen pans out to space showing Barry, Archer's nemesis, spying on him.



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