‘Bachelor’ producers suing blogger Reality Steve again over spoilers

By Daniel S Levine,

The producers of the popular ABC series The Bachelor are suing blogger ‘Reality’ Steve Carbone again for contacting personnel to get inside information to post on his site.

Back in December 2011, Warner Bros. subsidiary Horizon Alternative TV and NZK Productions first sued Carbone, whose site is devoted to spoilers for The Bachelor, The Amazing Race and other reality shows. The studios claimed that he was contacting staffers and contestants, hoping that they would break their confidentiality agreements. Carbone eventually settled, agreeing in June to not contact anyone.

That didn’t stop him from posting spoilers, since he posted Emily Maynard’s final choice on The Bachelorette a month after the settlement.

While that instance didn’t immediately result in a lawsuit, the spoilers he posted on Dec. 12 about the upcoming season that starts Monday has. Carbone posted spoilers on the first five episodes of the season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, at the end of December, the show’s producers went to federal court in California with a new complaint in hand.

Carbone continues “to seek confidential information from participants, cast, crew and other employees of The Bachelor Series and, in the course of doing so, continue to solicit and induce participants and employees of The Bachelor Series to breach their contractual obligations to Plaintiffs.”

The suit doesn’t say who exactly Carbone approached this time, but notes that he revealed “non-public information” with “increasingly vivid details.” He is being sued for tortious interference and breach of the settlement.

Carbone did issue a statement to THR, calling the suit “bogus.”

“The suit was brought in violation of the settlement agreement I previously reached with the producers of the Bachelor series,” he continues. “That agreement does NOT prevent me from publishing spoilers. The producers have provided no proof that I did anything in violation of our agreement because there is none. They just seek to put me out of business by intimidation and litigation costs. I am currently exploring my legal options, including a counterclaim.”



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