'The Bachelor' Recap: Season 17, Episode 2

By Sarah McClanahan,

The Bachelor's first round of dates include free falling from a 35 story building, a Harlequin romance novel photoshoot, and an art exhibit prank.

This season's bachelor Sean Lowe was blown away by the beautiful and witty women he met in the previous week and is positive that his wife was in that room.

The first date card arrives for Sarah reading, "Are you ready to fall in love today?" She mentions that she is up for anything physically and expects that Sean won't treat her any differently despite her physical handicap.

She is picked up in a helicopter and the two are transported to the top of a 35 story building. Sean tells Sarah that they are going to free fall over 300 feet and a champagne toast awaits them on the ground. She decides to take the plunge to prove to him and the nation that she is able.

Sean makes her feel extremely secure. Despite her nerves, he is calming and suggests they sit rather than jump off the platform to begin the drop. He holds on to her the entire time.

Once on the ground, she opens up to him about a trip she took with her family. An employee had not allowed her to go ziplining because of her disability years ago, and she felt mortified. At the time, her dad had told her that she needs a man who could comfort her in these types of situations, and she feels that Sean is the perfect gentleman.

Sarah has a conversation with Sean about her only serious relationship which lasted three years. It ended because they both were not on the same path, and she craved more spontaneity and adventure. Their date ends with a romantic first kiss as he hands her a rose. She admits she is already falling in love with him, and does not know how she got so lucky to be here with him.

The second date card is for the group date, and invites Kristy, Amanda, Brooke, Lesley M, Daniella, Katherine, Robyn, Katie, Selma, Diana, Kacie, Taryn, and Tierra with the tagline, "Let's capture the romance."

Arriving at the mansion, the 13 girls discover they are part of a photoshoot for a Harlequin romance novel cover. The winning girl who has the most chemistry with Sean will be featured on three future covers distributed around the United States.

The girls are split up into four groups: cowgirls, vampires, sexy girls, and historical girls.

First to step up to the challenge is Lesley M., who plays a convincing cowgirl. She and Sean show promising chemistry and the director of the shoot even instructs her to kiss him on the lips, much to the contempt of the other girls gazing on.

Tierra goes on camera saying she believes she has no competition. In the photoshoot, she is extremely aggressive and plants a kiss on his lips without any prompt from the photographer.

Kristy, a model, was obviously super excited that the challenge was a photoshoot given her eight years of experience. She, in fact, wins with her seductive dance sequence that makes all of the girls jealous.

Later at a pool party, Sean takes the opportunity to talk to a few of the girls one on one.

Lesley M. reluctantly tells Sean that the reason she is here is to find true love, and she is very hopeful. Mismatched body language and awkward conversation switches leaves both regretting they did not seal their meeting with a kiss. A few moments later, however, Lesley finds Sean once more and kisses him.

Kacie is grateful that Sean is willing to accept that their relationship status may change from friend to girlfriend. To prove he is genuine in that assertion, he gives her the date's rose.

When talking to Tierra, Sean notes that she seemed bothered by the other girls being around him on the date. She admits she is guarded, and feels out of her comfort zone vying for his attention along with so many other women.

Katie is so uncomfortable and feels she is not adjusting well. She feels that The Bachelor is not the right setting for her to fall in love, so she decides to leave. Sean wants it to be a two-way street with the girl working just as hard as he is to find that connection, so he accepts her decision.

The third date card arrives for Desiree, stating, "Love is priceless."

Sean wants a girl with a good sense of humor. To test Desiree, he decides to play "an innocent prank". At an art exhibit, he wants to make her believe she has personally destroyed a $1.5 million work of art to see how she will react. He and Chris Harrison will be watching via hidden cameras in a nearby room.

Desiree handles the awkward situation with grace, not raising her voice or causing a scene. "I didn't touch it!" She repeats, a warm smile never leaving her face.

Sean ends up feeling bad because she is so sweet, and reveals it was all a joke and she has been a good sport. The lesson to be learned is that he would support her through anything.

The date moves to dinner at his place and time in the jacuzzi. At his house, Sean tells her that love to him is a forever concept, where he can't go a day without being with that person. Desiree agrees, and adds that when you love someone, all you can think of is your future with him.

Sean admits that no other girl has brought out all sides of him before Desiree, and eagerly offers her a rose. She pauses for dramatic effect, pretending to still be hurt from his prank earlier, but then relents and accepts it.

Sean further reveals that she has every quality he is looking for in a wife and best friend, and the two have undeniable chemistry as they make out in the jacuzzi.

At the cocktail party, Sean is able to reassure some of the women he was not able to spend time with this week that they still have a chance at his heart.

Lindsay, the army brat who showed up in a wedding dress, stresses the importance of family because her dad is a general, so the time her mom is able to spend with him is never taken for granted. Sean appreciates that the two share so many values.

Amanda is making the girls uncomfortable because she is sitting away from them and is unresponsive to their questions. They all want her to go home because they only see her light up around Sean.

Robyn is nervous to ask Sean about his type, but she needs to know if he sees a future together with her dark skin color. He reassures her that he has no physical type, and has dated everyone from Hispanic to Persian to African American girls. He cares more about the woman behind the appearance, and wants her to be intelligent, sweet, and funny.

At the rose ceremony, AshLee, Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Lesley M., Selma, Catherine, Kristy, Leslie H., Tierra, Taryn, Daniella, and Amanda are given roses. Earlier on their dates, Kacie, Sarah, and Desiree had already secured roses and thus guaranteed spots for next week.

The two girls sent home are Brooke and Diana.



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