'The Bachelor' recap: Season 17, Episode 3

By Sarah McClanahan,

This episode of The Bachelor includes setting a romantic world record, dominating at beach volleyball, and a traumatic fall down the stairs for one of the contestants. Plus, Sean surprises one of the girls with a special loved one from back home!

After only one week of dating, Sean admits he is already developing feelings for many of the women. He is looking forward to being able to picture his life with only one of the now 16 women who remain.

The first date is for Lesley M., and the card reads: "How long will this love last?"

Sean is excited to take Lesley out because the two had an immediate connection on the group date last week.

The pair are dropped off in the middle of Hollywood, and walk up to the Guinness Book of World Records Museum. Sean reveals his dad set the record for travelling the 48 contiguous states the fastest with a time of 97 hours and 7 minutes.

Sean wants to set his own record with Lesley- for longest on-screen kiss- in front of a crowd of strangers on Hollywood Blvd.

The current record which has stood for over a decade is 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

Sean and Lesley M. beat the record as confetti explodes around them, and they are presented with a plaque commemorating their success.

As they drink champagne on top of the Roosevelt Hotel, Sean likes seeing both fun and passionate sides of Lesley. He has to keep reminding himself that this is their first date because he already feels so comfortable around her, like he has known her forever.

When asked about her high school persona, Lesley admits she was a nerd who took a lot of AP classes. She enjoys spending time with her family- sometimes even more than her friends- and she hopes to one day be madly in love like her parents.

The two open up to each other about their mutual feelings which have developed quickly. Sean is blown away by her and offers her a rose.

The second date card arrives, reading: "Who's going to win my heart?" It is a group date, and Sean invites Kacie, Robyn, Leslie H., Kristy, Catherine, Desiree, Taryn, Amanda, Lindsay, Daniella, Jackie, and Tierra to the beach.

While they start out throwing a football and Frisbee around, Chris Harrison arrives and tells them they are going to be involved in a beach volleyball competition. They are split into two teams (red and blue). The winning team will continue on the date to get some quality time with Sean, but the losing team will have to end the date and immediately return to the house.

After both teams struggle to win points, the blue team, made up of Kacie, Desiree, Jackie, Lindsay, Amanda, and Robyn, wins. The red team, consisting of Leslie H., Tierra, Kristy, Daniella, Catherine, and Taryn, is devastated as they are forced to leave the beach, and Sean, behind.

The blue team's reward is to spend the rest of the night at Sean's house with each of the girls getting one-on-one time.

Lindsay tells Sean that when she falls in love, she falls head over heels and gives that person everything. On paper, he embodies every quality she is looking for in a partner.

Sean enjoys Desiree's confidence, but she lets him know that she has a deeper, spiritual side as well.

Amanda uncomfortably attempts to convince Sean that she is the perfect girl for him. If they were to be married, he would have a lot of fun with her. He laughs off her comments, but the girls, especially Desiree, think she is "dark and creepy."

Knowing Sean won't tolerate drama, Kacie uses her one-on-one time with Sean to let him know about the dispute between Desiree and Amanda. He is confused as to why she is getting herself involved and urges Kacie to be herself, not the crazy person he is seeing at the moment. Based on his unexpected, negative reaction, Kacie wants to rewind the night and start over.

Sean gives the group date rose to Lindsay much to the chagrin of the watching girls.

The third date card arrives for AshLee with the quote: "Do you believe in magic?"

Just as Sean comes to the house to pick up AshLee, Tierra falls down the stairs and hurts her head. Everyone worries she may have a concussion because she is unresponsive to their questions. An ambulance pulls up to take her the hospital. Tierra is relucant, and demands the medics leave her alone. The girls are upset that she is playing the victim. Sean ends up tending to her outside while AshLee waits in the kitchen impatiently for her date to start.

After what seems like forever, Sean and AshLee jump in a jeep and drive to Six Flags, which has been shut down just for them.

Sean reveals that there will be two more girls joining them, Brianna and Emily. Both girls suffer from mitochondrial disease, and are best friends online who have never met in person before. He is eager to see how compassionate and caring AshLee will be when she has to share the date, and she passes his test with flying colors.

The night is capped off with a private concert by Sean's favorite band, the Eli Young Band.

After the girls leave, Sean and AshLee get some alone time. She opens up to him that she was adopted at age six, and abused in her foster home. Sean is amazed that she is still able to have an optimistic outlook on life despite her childhood hardships, and offers her the rose.

At the third cocktail party, Sean promises that his heard is wide open for the women he wasn't able to spend time with during the week.

He brings Sarah outside to a waiting limo, and she freaks out because she thinks she is going home. However, Sean wants to show her he had been thinking of her throughout the week, and he opens the door as her dog Leo runs into her arms.

The girls begin a frustrating trend of interrupting each other during their one-on-one time. Kacie begins to apologize for the previous night's drama and wants to move on if he is willing, but she is unsure of Sean's final feelings on the matter as two girls squeeze in beside them on the couch.

At the start of the rose ceremony, Lesley M., Lindsay, and AshLee already have roses from the previous dates.

Sean calls Kacie outside to give her some bad news. He respects her too much to make her stand through another rose ceremony without telling her the truth: He sees her more as a friend than a romantic interest. And with that, she is eliminated.

In the rose ceremony, Sean gives roses to Tierra, Leslie H., Catherine, Daniella, Robyn, Selma, Sarah, Jackie, Amanda, and Desiree.

Taryn and Kristy are sent home.



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