'The Bachelor' Recap: Season 17, Episode 4

By Sarah McClanahan,

This episode of The Bachelor includes rock climbing in the desert, a dangerous roller derby experience which ends with one girl in the hospital, and a modern day re-enactment of Pretty Woman.

Only 13 girls remain. Sean's goal in the previous week was to make sure the girls felt comfortable, but now he wants to instill trust in each individual relationship.

The first date card is delivered, reading, "Let's turn up the heat," and Selma is the lucky recipient.

Sean admits that he has felt a connection with Selma from night one. They take a limo to the airport, and fly on a private jet. Sean is secretive about where they are headed, but he wants to take Selma out of her comfort zone.

Their final destination is less than glamorous: Joshua Tree National Park in the middle of the desert. Sean is eager to see if Selma will fit into his active lifestyle.

At first, she complains that she cannot deal with the heat, and is used to being in six inch heels.

Sean suggests they get a better view of their surroundings by rock climbing to the top of a 100 foot mountain. While at first this seems like an impossible feat for Selma, Sean gives her the adrenaline and courage to push forward and conquer her fears. At one point, he feels his pride is at stake as she scrambles far ahead of him.

Their date continues at dinner outside of themed RV's.

Selma and Sean agree their favorite part of the date was the feeling of accomplishment they felt standing on top of the mountain with each other's company.

Next, they discuss their previous relationships. Sean recalls he has had one serious girlfriend since college, but after a year of dating, he let her go when he realized she was not 'The One.' Selma, on the other hand, comes from a strict, conservative Arab family who disproves of her dating, especially in a public setting like The Bachelor.

Although Selma wants to kiss Sean (and the feeling is definitely mutual!), she knows her mother would be extremely upset, so she tells him she must wait. He respects her decision, and admits he is crazy about her, offering her the rose.

The second date card arrives for Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, AshLee, Sarah, and Tierra, reading, "I'm looking for a girl who can roll with the punches."

The group arrives at a rink to play a competitive game of roller derby.

Immediately, Tierra is excited because she has pent up aggression from the house, and is excited for the chance to knock some of the girls out.

Amanda lies and says she has done roller derby before to intimidate some of the other girls.

On the other hand, Sarah is distraught because she feels she has a physical handicap that is keeping her from being able to skate. Not only can she not balance, but she also cannot prop herself up after she falls.

As they practice, Amanda falls hard on her chin, and is in such pain that they call the paramedics to take her to the hospital to see if she has broken her jaw.

Seeing that the girls risk getting hurt, Sean calls off the competition and suggests they have a free skate instead. The girls are relieved, and believe he is one of the few men who is in tune with a woman's feelings.

Amanda returns injury-free, although her mouth is still sore. She uses the sympathy card to get Sean to kiss her, but, to her disappointment, he only kisses her chin.

Tierra breaks down in tears. She admits Sean is a great guy, but she feels tortured wondering how much time she will get to spend with him each day, and she is less than enthusiastic seeing him leave to go on adventures with other women. Needing to speak her mind to him, she interrupts his one on one time with Lindsay as the pair is about to go in the hot tub.

Sean sees something special in her, and needs her to stay. If she went home, he will have always wondered what could have been with her. He chooses to give her the rose to prove how much she means to him. The other girls are disgusted by his move, and feel she is a plague of bad energy and has manipulated him.

The third date card arrives for Leslie H., and states, "Could this be forever?" Sean also includes diamond earrings.

Leslie feels as if she is in the middle of one of her favorite movies, Pretty Woman. The pampering continues on the date as the two speed away in a sports car to Rodeo Drive. Sean wants to treat her like a princess and enhance the romance on the date so he purchases a matching gown, purse, shoes, and 120 karat diamond necklace.

She opens up about her past relationships for the first time, admitting it takes her longer because she comes from a broken home and only wants to get married once. Although Sean cites she is caring, beautiful, funny, and intelligent, the romantic spark between them is missing, so he cannot give her the rose. She is blindsided by his decision because she truly saw herself with him in the end. Before she leaves, she warns him that some of the girls who already have roses are not here with the right intentions.

At the cocktail party, Robyn brings a piece of chocolate to use as a prop to accompany her pick-up line, "What chocolate do you want to taste?" When it doesn't go over as planned, she kisses him anyway and determines he is perfect.

Tierra is sick of the other girls targeting her and waiting for her to do something wrong, so she calls out Robyn and Jackie to talk with her. She apologizes for the other night, but suggests the two of them focus on themselves rather than analyzing her behavior. Conversation is awkward, but the girls end up accepting her apology.

Sean realizes that Tierra requires more reassurance than the other girls, but he does not view this is as negative. Instead, it shows she is passionate and emotional.

Going into the rose ceremony, Selma and Tierra already have roses from this week's dates.

Sean gives roses to Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay, Lesley M., Robyn, AshLee, Sarah, Jackie, and Daniella. Amanda is sent home.

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