Barbara Walters released from hospital, still dealing with chicken pox

By Daniel S Levine,

ABC News veteran correspondent Barbara Walters had been in the hospital since before the presidential inauguration last week and stayed until Monday after she came down with chicken pox. On Tuesday night, she was released from the hospital.

Walters was first hospitalized on the day before the inauguration after falling and cutting her head. She later told The New York Post that she had fainted and had a fever. During the week, she was transferred to a New York hospital and gave updates to her fans that were read on The View.

On Monday, it was revealed that she had chicken pox. ABC News reports that Walters is now at home recovering.

Getting chicken pox as an adult is a rare occurrence due to the vaccine that became available in 1995. Just one in 10,000 American adults get the disease a year, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.

“However, it needs to be taken seriously since adults are at increased risk of complications including pneumonia, brain inflammation, and bacterial skin infections,” ABC’s Dr. Richard Besser said. “If you think you never had chicken pox, regardless of your age, see your doctor to talk about whether you should get vaccinated.”

ABC did not say when she will return to The View.

We wish Walters a smooth recovery.



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