Battle for L.A. part two

By Jassum Gloster,

For the second time this season, the Los Angeles Lakers will face their inner city rival, the Los Angeles Clippers tonight. The battle for Los Angeles never disappoints in fascinating not only the fans at the Staples Center, but also the fans watching from home.

SB Nation reports that their first battle of the season went to the Clippers who won 105-95. The score didn’t really tell the whole story though, as the Clippers dominated most of the game.

Just four years ago, people would laugh if the Clippers were referred to as one of the best teams in the league, and now you won’t hear many people disagree with that statement. The Clippers lost their last two games, but before that they were coming off of a 17-game winning streak, including winning all 16 games in December.

This season, the Clippers are going for the gold and are determined to prove themselves. According to Yahoo! Sports Clippers Chauncey Billups said in an interview, "We got everybody's attention. Did [the media] blow it out like it was the Lakers or Heat? Probably not. But that's what happens.”

One thing is for sure, come game time everybody will be ready for an entertaining showdown. The game begins at 10:30p.m EST.



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