'Biggest Loser' Episode Recap: 'Waist and Money'

By Drew Barile,

It was week 5 on The Biggest Loser, the latest episode was titled Waist and Money. The episode was intense, the contestants had to learn how to make healthy choices on a limited budget. Dr. H and Bob helped David address some emotional issues. Jillian, Dolvett and Bob video chatted with contacts Sunny, Bingo and Lindsay. Devin Alexander, the Biggest Loser chef, stopped in. And the challenge had some very big prizes.

The teams returned from a morning workout famished for food. Jackson decided he wanted soup, but the cupboards were empty and so was the fridge. The contestants found they only had coffee and condiments. Jackson found a note from Alison. The note told them that they were to meet her at the grocery store.

The teams arrived at the grocery store and Alison informed them that the week was all about eating healthy on a budget. The team members respectively received $10 a day allotment for a week's worth of food. They had to select healthy food and stay within their budget.  

Anything over their budget had to stay in the cart and would have to be put back. Also, the teams not only had to budget the money, but they had to complete the task within 15 minutes. The Blue Team received $350 allotment, Red Team $280 allotment and the White Team (consisting just of Danni now), received a $70 allotment. Everyone completed the task in time and under the budget limit.

The challenge consisted of a fountain in the middle of a pond. Each team had to place 5 pound weights from the water onto the fountain. The winners of the challenge received 10 memberships to Planet Fitness. But the winning team got another prize, a choice between a 2 pound advantage on the scale or a chance to call home. Danni, the White Team, won and chose the 2 pounds because she was the only person on her team and needed the edge.

Bob took David to see Dr. H. At the doctor David admits he had a previous injury on his knee and he was having trouble with it.  Bob was upset because David had not told him about the injury. David also explained how his family means so much to him and about his daughter who is severally disabled.

The weigh in was so moving and amazing. On the Blue Team Michael lost 13 pounds, David lost 10, Alex lost 10, Gina lost 9, and Jeff lost 13. Their total weight loss was 55 lbs. (3.9%).

The Red Team's total loss weight was 31 pounds (2.97%). Joe lost 11, Francelina lost 7, Lisa lost 5, and Jackson lost 8.

The one woman White team of Danni lost 9 pounds (4.95%). Jillian was so happy and proud of her.

The Red team, since they lost the least amount of weight, had to vote for someone to be eliminated. Joe could not be voted for because he had the highest percentage of weight loss.  It was a very emotional elimination, but ultimately Lisa was voted off with three votes.

The next episode is called Lead by Example. Biggest Loser airs next Monday, February 4th.



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