'Biggest Loser' premiere: Tackling childhood obesity (VIDEO)

By Drew Barile,

The Sunday night 2013 premiere of Biggest Loser on NBC was intense! The return of Jillian, tackling child obesity, participants passing out and one participant walking off on day one. The new cast of 15 people has some very amazing figures. But a new inclusion to the show's dynamic, given the new goal of child obesity, is the young children participants.

Three young children have joined the ranks and hope to be ambassadors of change. Noah "Bingo" Gray, Lindsay Bravo, and Sanjana "Sunny" Chandrasekar are the three young people who want to change themselves and others with their drive and beautiful spirits.

Noah "Bingo" Gray is thirteen years old in eighth grade and from New Windsor, Maryland. He is a beautiful and charming young man, with an amazing disposition. Sanjana "Sunny" Chandrasekar is sixteen years old in eleventh grade, hailing from Rochester, New York. Sanjana is a motivated young woman who has so many goals and dreams, and an unstoppable drive. Lastly but not least, is Lindsay Bravo, also thirteen and in eighth grade. She is from Fillmore, California. The youngsters will do most of their training at home, however, and will spend the first week with the trainer learning the tools to help them transform themselves and their lives.

Also, importantly Jillian Michaels is back from being away for two seasons! Jillian, notorious for her aggressive and in your face training, will bring back an exciting element to the show, and has even scared many of the participants.

Jillian Michaels' team includes:

Dannielle "Danni" Allen, a 26 year old advertising account coordinator from Wheeling, Illinois

Thomas "TC" Pool, a 31 year old purchasing manager from Albany, New York (whose story is amazingly touching)

Nicole "Nikki" Davis, a 26 year old make up artist from Chatsworth California (who walked off the show already)

Nate Montgomery, a 25 year old financial advisor from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dolvett Quince's team includes:

Lisa Rambo, 36 year old High school special education assistant from Houlton, Wisconsin

Joe Ostaszewski, a 43 year old senior sales executive from Williston, Florida

Francelina Morillo,, a 25 year old student and store manager from Albany, New York

Cate Laughlan,a 28 year old student of Ransomville, New York

Jackson Carter, a 21 year old volunteer coordinator for LGBT resource center and a movie theater assistant manager from Layton Utah.

Bob Harper's team includes:

Gina McDonald, a 47 year old attorney from Hoover, Alabama

Alexandra "Alex" Reid, a 24 year old legal assistant from Carrollton, Texas

Jeff Nichols, a 24 year old pharmaceutical representative from Monroe, Michigan

David Jones, 51 year old police officer from Kiefer Oklahoma

Michael Dorsey, a 34 year old college professor and communication consultant from Baltimore, Maryland

Jillian's team ended up winning the five-pound reward and all the work outs. However, it wasn't easily gained considering Nikki quit the show almost immediately, and Jillian kicked out the majority of her team on workout one.

Jillians's team had a total of 5.61% weight loss, Dolvett's team had a total weight loss of 6.59%, and Bob's team total was 5.79 percent. It was also revealed that the person with the lowest percentage weight loss on the losing team would be eliminated. Sadly, TC from Jillian's team was eliminated from the first episode. TC started at 376 lbs and lost 15 lbs to have a first weigh in at 361 lbs, but unfortunately it wasn't enough.

The Biggest Loser Season 14 airs again at 8 p.m. Jan 7 on NBC.



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