'Biggest Loser' Recap: Episode 'Pay It Forward'

By Drew Barile,

On the episode "Pay It Forward," January 21, Alison told the contestants that Bob, Dolvett and Jillian were going to visit the three kids. The contestants thus did not have trainers for a week.  The trainers, however, came back for the last chance workout. 

Bob, Dolvett and Jillian traveled toward the children, but they didn't know the trainers were coming.  Jillian shows up while Sunny is studying. Dolvett visits Lindsay at school. Bob visits Bingo during a family dinner out at a restaurant.

Jillian sat down with Sunny in her bedroom. Jillian believes that there is always an underlying driving force that propels individuals to weight gain and obesity. Jillian thinks after speaking to Sunny that pressure of trying to be what her parents want is a huge factor for her unhealthy weight. Jillian had a plan to get Sunny active; trying something new and different. Sunny and Jillian learned how to row with a crew team. 

Bob surprised Bingo with a baseball player, Brandon Erbe. Bingo and Bob received special baseball jerseys with their names on them from Brandon.  Then they all proceeded to play baseball. Bob's objective was to get Bingo to achieve a goal and find a fun way for him to be active, that doesn't seem like work.

Dolvett went to Lindsay's school and surprised her. He created an atmosphere where other students could get involved in Lindsay's transformation to better health. Moreover, he spoke to her about cheerleading aspirations, knowing she wants it so bad; he orchestrated a surprise. Dolvett got the cheerleading team together to perform for Lindsay and express how they would like to support her.

The contestants had a tough challenge, to run a 5K marathon. The Biggest Loser gave $7,500 to the Boys and Girls Club. Also the winning team got $15,000 to split. Danni came in first.  The others placed as follows:

2. Joe
3. Pam  
4. Francelina
5. Lisa
6. Jackson
7. Gina
8. Jeff
9. Michael
10. Alex

The White team, Pam and Danni, won $15,000 ($7,500 each.) Upon Jillian's return, the White Team told her that they won $15,000.

During the Last Chance Workout, the White Team and the Blue Team worked out together.  Jeff and Jillian clashed, exchanging some snarky and sharp remarks. Jeff believed he was working out at 100% but Jillian believed he was phoning it in. Jeff started snapping back at Jillian. He said she has not been there all week so she ought not to attack him for his rope exercise.  Jillian told him to be the man she knows he should be. Furthermore she expressed to both Bob and Jeff that he has attitude. Jeff retired and barked back that she, Jillian, does too. Jillian had enough and sent Jeff to Bob.

During Weigh In, the Blue Team lost a total of 40 lbs. (2.75%), the Red Team had a total of 34 lbs. (3.16%) and lastly, the White Team had a total of 9 lbs. (2.05%). The Red Team was safe from any elimination. The White Team suffered even more at this weigh in. Pam had the lowest percentage of weight loss and thus was automatically eliminated. Pam's previous weight loss was only 3 lbs.

The Biggest Loser airs again Monday, Jan. 28, on NBC. The next episode is "Waist and Money."



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