'The Biggest Loser' recap: The show tackles childhood obesity

By Allie Garver,

After a season-long hiatus, The Biggest Loser is back challenging adults to take their lives back as well as taking on the touchy subject of childhood obesity. With the kid gloves put on, the trainers will help three adolescents in their fight against obesity. The adults are not as lucky with their training, they will be demanded to do workouts they have never done with trainers who demand hard work.

When it comes to training children who are battling obesity, the trainers need to put on a completely different attitude. The three kids, who have been deemed ambassadors for kids their age, are being taught that through play is how their bodies need to change.

As the contestants walked to the front doors of the infamous Biggest Loser Ranch, they were immediately divided into three different teams, given their team colored T-shirts (white for Jillian, blue for Bob, and red for Dolvett), and without wasting any time were taken into the gym and started their first workout.

The running on the treadmills was no match for what was to hit these contestants because as revealed in the fall, Jillian Michaels is back. With her familiar shouting heard ringing throughout the gym the one thing is for certain, she is still the same trainer that she was when she left the show less than two years ago. Three out of five of Jillian’s team members were left on the floor after the workout as she told them if she doesn’t like what she sees by the end of week one she will ask them to leave the ranch. The new mom of two said in a People interview that people told her she would be much softer of a trainer, “but it’s not the case.”

Alison Sweeney, who just begun her eleventh season of hosting, is excited to have Jillian return and work with the other two trainers. Sweeney said in an Xfinity interview about the trainers, “It’s actually super awesome to watch the three of them interact, to watch it unfold.” The three trainers most definitely have different training styles, and they all work in their own ways.

With one contestant already walking off the show, season fourteen is sure to be as dramatic as ever, pleasing The Biggest Loser More information on the trainers and contestants can be found here along with other show features.



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