'The Biggest Loser' season premiere part 2

By Drew Barile,

The Biggest Loser on NBC returned tonight for the second part of its two night premiere. Tonight’s show was called “Get Moving” and featured NFL star Antonio Gates as the guest star. The adults competed for a special prize for the child on their team.

Dr. H visited the ranch and gave the contestants a wake up call about how unhealthy they truly are. Jackson met with Dr. H and is told that he stopped breathing for 41 seconds during the sleep test.

Gates, the San Diego Chargers' tight end, cheered on the adult contestants and kids at a football-themed challenge, testing their speed, agility and strength. The 15 contestants were tested with a "4 quarter" football obstacle gauntlet. After the first quarter the white team finished in first place, the red team behind them, and blue drawing up the rear.

The second drill was based on balance and agility. Dani continued to hold onto the lead for the white team, and she had to go twice because Pam was on medical restriction.

The white team won the challenge with 3:01 completion time despite the fact that there was only two of them. The white team won $5,000 for Sunny’s school.

Then, Jillian sat down and had a meeting with her team. Jillian explained how exhausting it is to motivate them, and the disappointment they sense is really her fear for them. The viewers and the team saw a more sensitive and kinder side of Jillian. She asked her team what she can do to help them, which caused Pam and Danni to open up and explain how they felt and what they need to hear to keep them on track.

Later on in the episode, the trainers did a special fitness test with the kids. The three trainers tested their kids according to exercises from the Presidential Challenge and compared them according to the national average. The test included sit-ups, push-ups, a shuttle run, and mile run. Noah didn't run because he had a fractured foot from basketball. Bob was happy he was playing basketball, and gave him three goals to try and achieve instead: be active, be positive, and avoid junk food.

The kids will never set foot on a scale because it is more important to get them healthy than to lose weight.

At weigh in, Jeff of the blue team lost no weight. However, the blue team's total weight lost was 36 pounds, for a total of 2.35% lost. The Red Team lost 32 pounds, and the white team lost 18 pounds, for a total of 1.47% lost. Nathan was last to weigh in, he lost 5 pounds. However, that wasn't good enough and sweet Nate was automatically booted, sadly. Jillian's team is now down to only two members and at even more of a disadvantage going into week three.

The Biggest Loser, Cut the Junk airs again next Monday at 8 p.m.



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