Billboard revamping website and magazine, new magazine cover to feature Prince

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Billboard magazine and its website are undergoing a massive makeover.

The Associated Press reports that the magazines new cover will debut with Prince on its cover.

Prince is reportedly giving the magazine a rare interview as he will be awarded the “Icon Award” on May 19.

In addition to the magazine’s revamp, the site will see new charts which will be available to share on social media sites Facebook and Twitter. A special iPad edition will be added as well. In addition to being able to share on social media, the charts are also able to be exported through Spotify and Rdio.

Billboard’s official website describes the special additions to the iPad app which includes playable charts, fan ratings, a “robust artist page” which will give fans extensive information on their favorite artists.

The app will feature a photo gallery as well as playable music videos.

The magazine will also see new features in addition to Prince’s interview, including a reformatted charts section, the T&E report, Gear in addition to many, many more fantastic features.

Billboard editor Bill Werde includes a letter in the new issue which reads, “The music industry is a dynamic place, and this book will serve your information needs more than ever, going deeper into the trends, technologies and ideas shaping your decisions. If you don't learn something that will help your business in every issue, we aren't doing our jobs."

The new issue of Billboard hits shelves Jan. 26.

image credit: Billboard



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