‘Blazing Saddles’ musical now a possibility thanks to ‘Django Unchained,’ says Mel Brooks

By Daniel S Levine,

Mel Brooks is still considering turning his classic Western spoof Blazing Saddles into a Broadway musical and has the controversial Django Unchained to thank for making it a possibility.

Brooks explained during the Television Critics Association press tour on Monday that the 1974 film already has a musical tone to it, so it would make the transition to a musical easier, reports CraveOnline.

“My thoughts have been as a writer and composer, I’ve been thinking about Blazing Saddles as a musical on Broadway,” he said. “A lot of it is musical already and a lot of it has a rather fanciful and fantastic tone to it.”

“And now that Django Unchained has literally used the N word, I think I’m in the clear. I don’t look so bad. He really used that word a lot,” Brooks added. “I don’t look so bad. He really used that word a lot. So I’m okay with Blazing Saddles.”

According to BroadwayWorld, Brooks began talking about Blazing Saddles as a musical in 2011.

“If they change the critic of the Times, I might consider it. I don't think he's in my corner...I feel responsible for breaking open musical comedy. Until The Producers, a lot of musicals on Broadway, very little comedy,” he told ScreenJunkies that year. “There was the great Stephen Sondheim and there was Leonard Bernstein but there were very few Guys and Dolls. It was 25 years before we came along with a truly funny musical comedy.”

While Brooks had a hit with his first movie-turned-musical The Producers, his second, Young Frankenstein, was harshly criticized and didn’t do as well as hoped on Broadway.

Brooks was a t the TVCA press tour to talk about his upcoming American Masters episode on PBS.



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