Brazilian teen offers her virginity to help sick mother

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

A Brazilian teenager is offering up her virginity on YouTube in order to help her ailing mother.

CNN reports that Rebecca Bernardo,18, posted the video online after hearing about a woman who sold her virginity for $780,000. She has not yet solidified a deal or received any money.

I made up my mind right after my 18th birthday," she explained as quoted by Fox19. "That's when my mother suffered a stroke."

Bernardo’s mother reportedly suffered a stroke, and in Brazil the cost to take care of her is significant. She explains, “I would get 150 reais ($75) for working all day, which would just pay the salary of someone to stay with my mother."

YouTube has since taken down Bernardo’s post as the question of human trafficking arose. The site notes third-party copyright issues as it’s reasoning for taking down the video.

Additionally, the country is attempting to investigate if Bernardo’s claims are true or if she is simply trying to get media attention. Thus far she has received offers to be on Brazil’s Big Brother as well as offers from adult magazines.

Bernardo’s reputation has been tainted since posting the video. One Sapeacu resident recalls, "When she started the auction, people in the street threw coins at her when she went by, but I never looked at her differently."

The highest bid that Bernardo has received is $35,000. She is hopeful to earn enough money to relocate and give her mother the care she needs.

According to the report, her neighbors will not offer any help for her sick mother.



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