Bryan Oliver, Taft Union High School shooter, will be charged as an adult

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Bryan Oliver, the young student who shot one classmate and injured two others at Taft Union High School, will be charged as an adult.

Oliver entered the classroom last week and called upon one student, whom he shot. At the time the student was noted as being in critical condition.

Two other students, as well as one teacher, were injured during the shooting; they were treated and released hours later.

More details are being revealed about the shooting. According to Huffington Post, Oliver opted to bring the gun to school after being teased about his hair color, his appearance and his social awkwardness.

Oliver has since entered a not guilty plea Monday. He is being charged with two counts of premeditated attempted murder as well as three counts of assault with a firearm.

Mark Pafford, chief deputy district attorney of Kern County discussed the decision to charge Oliver as an adult explaining, “It was just the factors of the case. The severity of the actions, the injuries to the victim, that a firearm was used. Those are the things we considered."

Friends of Oliver have since spoken out on his behalf, noting they don’t know why he was bullied, saying he was simply “misunderstood.”



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