Burt Reynolds moved from ICU

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Evening Shade actor Burt Reynolds has been moved out of the ICU and into a standard area of a Florida hospital following a severe case of the flu.

As we previously reported, the 75-year-old iconic actor was admitted to the ICU on Friday after battling persistent flu symptoms all week long. He was treated for severe dehydration.

Now, TMZ reported that Reynolds’s fever broke this morning, something doctors have kept a careful eye on. He will now be moved to the regular wing of the hospital before being discharged at a date not yet available.

Sources tell TMZ that family and friends are elated to see Reynolds make the move out of the ICU as his condition was “touch and go.”
Despite the health scare a rep for Reynolds explained in a light-hearted manner to E! News, “He is doing better. They are taking care of him and his mustache.”

Currently, Reynolds lends his voice for the adult cartoon, Archer.



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