Casinos on Long Island

By Deana DeLisio,

On Wednesday, New York’s own legislative leaders met with Governor Andrew Cuomo to discuss the idea of casinos in the Empire State.

According to Yahoo News,Governor Cuomo brought forth a proposal encouraging leadership to confine the new gambling stations to upstate sights. He argues that putting casinos upstate would attract lower New York crowds who have a stronger economic footprint. In turn, this would boost the economy of upstate New York. However, legislation is still considering bringing the establishments to the New York City and Long Island areas.

Possible sight locations include Belmont Park in Nassau County, which is recognized for its horse races. Speaking out against this is the Senator who represents the township around the racetrack, Jack Martinis of Mineola, N.Y. He has recently supported a soccer stadium for the site stated Huffington Post.

Legislators are looking to approve the placement of more than three casinos. Just last year, seven casinos were up for discussion.

Both Cuomo and legislative leaders are in agreement that the “actual selection of bids, specific locations, should be left to an independent, nonpolitical body.”

Sites will be restricted to New York City’s outer boroughs.



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