Charlie Sheen talks Lindsay Lohan, Lance Armstrong on 'Leno' (Video)

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
The actor remembers what a "douche" Armstrong was when they met.

Charlie Sheen was as candid as ever when he visited the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Wednesday night.

The 47-year-old actor touched upon popular news topics with Jay, ranging from Lance Armstrong to his friendship with Lindsay Lohan. The most notable quote that worked up the studio audience came when he called Armstrong a “douche."

“And that’s based on meeting him,” Sheen said.

He recalled a time he tried to introduce himself to Armstrong at a party, only to be rudely turned away.

“If he was a better guy in his life, he’d be forgiven a lot faster and a lot easier-- kind of like me,” Sheen said to the roar of the audience.

The interview shifted to Lindsay Lohan and the $100,000 Sheen reportedly gave her. He stuck to his story saying that he gave her the money when he found out Lohan got shorted cash for her role in Scary Movie 5. But he says he didn’t know it was to pay off taxes.

Sheen said that even though she’s going through a hard time, he says he likes her and knows she’ll be alright.

Leno asked about the scandal that brewed with Sheen and L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa when the two were snapped apparently partying together at a hotel in Mexico.

According to the L.A. Times, Sheen got into hot water when he told TMZ that the mayor was drinking in his Cabo suite filled with beautiful women, and that at least one was a porn star.

Sheen publicly rescinded his comments, but said Wednesday night that the Mayor still isn't telling the truth by saying he only met with Sheen for a few minutes to snap the now-famous photo.

"It didn't go down like that," Sheen laughed, "We were hanging out... We had a good time."



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