Charlie Sheen will be a grandfather, Denise Richards is excited

By Daniel S Levine,

Charlie Sheen will be passing on that tigerblood to a new generation. His daughter, 28-year-old Cassandra Estevez, is expecting her first child.

Sheen revealed the news Monday during his interview with David Letterman.

“You are going to be, in the next several months...fill in the blanks,” Letterman said, trying to get Sheen to reveal the big news, reports E! News. “You are going to be a...”

“Grandfather,” Sheen finally said. Even though it’s “fabulous” news, the 47-year-old Sheen, it’s “not a title I'm ready to adopt.”

Letterman asked Sheen if he thought he would be a good grandfather. “Well, yeah, because you can leave the kid!” he replied, notes Us Weekly.

Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards was really excited about the news, tweeting to her followers, “I guess some of you have heard...@charliesheen is going to be a Grampa...yes GRAMPA! his beautiful daughter Cassandra is gonna be a mama..”

Cassandra is Sheen’s daughter from his relationship with high school girlfriend Paula Speert. Sheen attended her marriage to Casey Huffman in 2010 in Santa Barbara, walking her down the aisle.

Sheen currently stars on FX’s Anger Management, which returns this Thursday.



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