Coke defends Super Bowl ad against calls of racism (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Coca-Cola has been forced to defend the ad it plans to run on Super Bowl Sunday after an Arab rights group called it racist.

The video, which tells viewers to go to CokeChase.com, shows several people trying to get to a giant Coke bottle in the desert. An Arab man is among the group and tries to use a camel to reach the bottle. People can vote for who they think will reach the Coke first and the only choices include the showgirls, cowboys and Badlanders inspired by Mad Max.

“By not including the Arab in the race, it is clear that the Arab is held to a different standard when compared to the other characters in the commercial,” the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s Warren David said in a statement, reports the Telegraph.

A Coke spokeswoman later told Reuters that they didn’t intend for the commercial to be seen as derogatory.

“We are very concerned by these allegations and in no way is our ad meant to be derogatory to any group,” the spokeswoman said, noting that its discussion with David’s group was a “productive conversation.”

“Coca-Cola is an inclusive brand enjoyed by all demographics,” she added.

This is just the latest ad to be criticized for racism. Volkswagen’s “Get Happy” ad was criticized for including a person imitating a Jamaican accent.



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