Conrad Murray attorneys fought during jail visits

By Gavriella Tjandra,

The former Michael Jackson doctor, Conrad Murray, witnessed his two lawyers fighting verbally and a bit physically in front of him during jailhouse visiting time.

A source linked to Murray told TMZ that he had been complaining about an ache in his right arm and shoulder for the past couple days.

This complaint made both of his attorneys race to the jailhouse to check on him.

The first who arrived was Michael J. Flanagan, who represents Murray in any matter relating to the Michael Jackson manslaughter. He was accompanied by his son, Ryan, also a lawyer, who is not representing Murray.

During The Flanagans' jailhouse visit, Murray's other attorney, Valerie Wass, who represents him in all matters relating to the California Medical Board and the appeals of his criminal conviction, showed up.

The source confirmed that the Flanagans started to get rough with Wass.

She tried to approach Murray to speak about his medical complaint, but was blocked and pushed by Ryan. The Flanagans also shouted at her until they left, Wass claimed.

Wass eventually got to meet Murray to speak about the matter, and immediately afterward filed a battery report against Ryan.

The doctor saw everything. Should there be an investigation, he is a witness.

The disgraced physician recently was challenged by the pop icon's mother, Katherine Jackson, in her wrongful death lawsuit, to testify against AEG to prove that the company was negligent in hiring him, Contact Music reported.

Murray has refused to cooperate with Jackson.



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