'The Daily Show' recap - 1/14/13

By Tori Kronz,
President Obama, Investagative Journalism and Roger Waters

On the January 14, 2013 episode of The Daily Show, the topics include President Obama, investigative journalism and the guest was Roger Waters.

The episode begins with Jon Stewart discussing criticism of his interpretation of the trillion-dollar coin plan discussed in the previous episode. He defends himself, his staff and stands by the analysis he presented before. Stewart then moves on to discuss other aspects of President Barack Obama’s presidency. A major topic at the moment is the lack of diversity present in Obama’s nominations. At the moment, all of his nomination are white men. Obama’s answer to these accusations of discrimination is to ask that people wait until all his nominations are presented before making criticisms.

Stewart then introduces Jessica Williams as the senior White House correspondent to discuss Obama. Williams tells Stewart that people often forget that Obama is not just half-Black, but half-White, as well. She goes through a very funny spiel about how White Obama is now in charge and how that will affect the rest of his presidency.

The second segment is John Oliver investigating investigative journalism. The main focus of his investigation is investigative journalist Kaj Larsen. They briefly discuss a possible story and then Larsen reveals that he no longer works as CNN because they no longer employ investigative journalists. Oliver then talks to Brad Adgate to find out why CNN, leading news network, would get rid of what seems to be an important part. Adgate answers that investigative journalism is not profitable, so it is often the first thing to go. Oliver is clearly disturbed throughout this part of the segment that quality of news is clearly so far down the list of considerations to Adgate. Oliver then return to Larsen who tells him that he works as a consultant on the HBO series The Newsroom. They then go to the set of The Newsroom and talk to Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer. Daniels even gives an impassioned speech.

The guest for this episode was Roger Waters, founding member of Pink Floyd. Stewart is clearly a huge fan of Waters and lets a bit of his not-so-inner fanboy out. They talk a bit about Waters’ current tour and his work with veterans. He shares an interesting story about getting together a band from the Walter Reed hospital, since musical therapy is a part of some of the recovery regimes.

This episode was very entertaining. The more I see of Jessica Williams the more brilliant I think she is and I adore any time John Oliver is on the show. The interview was even decently entertaining.



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