'The Daily Show' recap - 1/15/13

By Tori Kronz,
Lance Armstrong, Clarence Thomas and Bob Scheiffer

In the January 15, 2013 episode of The Daily Show, the topics included Lance Armstrong doping, Clarence Thomas and the guest, Bob Schieffer.

The episode began with Jon Stewart discussing Lance Armstrong confessing to doping when he won the Tour de France. He confessed on Oprah Winfrey’s show and the interview will air on OWN on Thursday. Stewart then talked about how it should have been obvious. No one, he said, can win the Tour de France seven times and survive testicular cancer.

Aasif Mandvi then comes on the show to walk through how Armstrong could keep this lie up for so long. This section was a parody of all the breakdowns that have been done on Armstrong’s cycling. They talk about how this is a testament to his endurance abilities and how he must be on lie enhancing drugs. Like many of these segments on The Daily Show, there were a lot of little jokes that all added up to a really funny bit. I recommend at least watching this portion of the show.

The second segment was less amusing and was about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas breaking his seven year silence on the Supreme Court. Thomas does interviews and such, but does not talk while on the court for some reason. Stewart wonders if this is because of his voice, but discovers that Thomas has a very pleasant baritone and pretends to swoon over it. Stewart was then disappointed because all Thomas said was “Well he did not” in response to a joke. This was not a very interesting segment, but it was kind of amusing.

The guest for this episode was Bob Schieffer. The interview starts out with Schieffer telling a story about a story he had to cover early in his career about an escaped pig. Stewart then moves the discussion on to talking about how gun violence and gun control are being talked about in the news. Stewart stated that he has noticed a lack of law enforcement’s input or a discussion of logistics. There has just been a lot of emotional talk. Schieffer agrees with Stewart’s basic argument and explains a little about what may be behind this lack.

This episode was decent, but not nearly as good as the previous one, though. Like usual, if any of these topics are of particular interest to you, then you will get a kick out of it. If not, then this might be one worth skipping over.



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