'The Daily Show' recap - 1/21/13

By Tori Kronz,
The Inauguration, Martin Luther King Junior and Justice Sotomayor

The January 21, 2013 episode of The Daily Show focused on the presidential inauguration and the guest, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

The episode began with Jon Stewart discussing the presidential inauguration. He mentioned the inauguration four years ago when President Barack Obama fumbled the oath and compared it to this year, when Obama also stumbled over his words. Stewart’s main joke here was to imagine how former Governor Mitt Romney would feel while watching the inauguration. Stewart then moved on to discuss the news coverage of the inauguration with a specific mention of the inordinate amount of attention paid to Michelle Obama’s new hairstyle and bangs.

Stewart then introduced Jessica Williams who, with a hairstyle similar to that of the First Lady, describes Obama’s speech as if she were trying to draw attention to her new “ba-ba-ba-ba-bangs” (how she said it). Stewart then moved on to Al Madrigal who was wearing the same hairstyle, but it was a bit off-putting on him. He, of course, got offended when Stewart said it was not as flattering as his last style. Finally the discussion moved to Jason Jones who was dressed as Nancy Reagan and complained about how the country he grew up above (he is Canadian) has fallen into moral decay.

For the second segment, Larry Wilmore spoke briefly about the inauguration and then transitioned into a discussion about Dr. Martin Luther King junior. Wilmore was upset about how anyone will use King to support their cause. His main example is Larry Ward (Chairman, Gun Appreciation Day) who argued that King would support Gun Appreciation Day if he were alive. Wilmore pointed out that there is no was to know, since King is dead. Then, as the punch line to the joke, leads up to the fact that King was killed with a gun after mentioning a number of other ways he did not die, such as diabetes or being attacked by apes. Wilmore’s main argument here was that there is no way to know what King would think on any topic he did not speak on, since he is not alive.

The guest for this episode was Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor promoting her book My Beloved World. They spent most of the interview discussing her world view and the way that has affected her work as a justice and before. They also talked about her relationship with the other justices. I enjoyed this episode since there were a lot of the correspondents. They are always my favorite part with the exception of a really good rant from Stewart. Sotomayor was also interesting. I would definitely recommend catching this episode.



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