'The Daily Show' recap - 1/22/13

By Tori Kronz,
The Inauguration Continued and Jennifer Lopez

The January 22, 2013 episode of The Daily Show focuses on the inauguration and the guest, Jennifer Lopez.

The episode began with a brief description of the controversy over Beyoncé pre-recording the national anthem. However, Stewart moved on quickly to discuss the President Barack Obama’s speech. Stewart shared the overall impression the news got from the news: it was bold and a huge call to action. Obama suggested that a government for the people and by the people could be helpful to the people (as Stewart interpreted it), a need to respond to climate change and a continuing focus on the country’s fight for equality for all of its citizens. Stewart then shifted focus to the differing interpretations of the event by different news networks. MSNBC said there were huge crowds. FOX said there were smaller crowds than four years ago. CNN reported on what the First Lady wore to the ceremony, how much it cost and who designed it. Stewart then continued with a discussion of how different actual Obama is from the imaginary one his opponents, namely FOX, create. FOX’s pundits and other conservative speakers call Obama an anti-gun secularist attacking any form of public religion. Stewart’s counter to this was that they sang a Hallelujah at the inauguration, shot guns and canons and many of the speakers, including Obama, referred to God in their speeches.

The second segment continued the Daily Show’s coverage of the inauguration. John Oliver was in Washington D.C. to report on the inauguration. Throughout the piece, Oliver compared the 2013 inauguration to the 2009 inauguration. He began by saying that the atmosphere was electric and that he was in the exact same place he was reporting form last time, but when the camera pulled back there was almost no one around him. Oliver explained that the inauguration seemed to be getting a slow start, but a few of the attendees seemed convinced it would pick up. The major joke in the segment was comparing people’s estimation of each events historical importance while it was happening. During the 2009 inauguration, people were saying that it was the most important historical event to ever happen. During this inauguration, everyone had a list of what was more important. These events included the moon landing all the way down to Tiger Woods first winning the PGA Tour.

The guest for this episode was Jennifer Lopez promoting Parker. They barely talked about the movie, other than Lopez’s final line about it being a great movie. They started out with Stewart asking for Lopez’s take on the Beyoncé controversy. Lopez responded that sometimes singers have to pre-record because the venue makes a live performance impossible. They then moved on to talking about her world tour and her taking her twin 5-year-olds with her on the trip. It was a entertaining interview. I always enjoy Lopez’s interviews, since she always has coherent and usually interesting answers to questions and just comes across as a really pleasant person.

Overall the episode was decent. I am getting kind of bored with the inauguration coverage (yes, I realize this is only the second day). Hopefully they will move on tonight to something other than the inauguration or gun control.



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