'The Daily Show' recap - 1/23/13

By Tori Kronz,
Inaugural Speech, Israeli Elections and Missy Cummings

In the January 23, 2013 episode of The Daily Show, the topics were a continued analysis of the inaugural address, the election in Israel and the guest, Missy Cummings.

The episode began with Stewart discussing the weather in New York and then mocking those who say that climate change is false because it is really cold where they are at that moment. He then quickly moved on to continuing the Daily Show’s coverage of President Barack Obama’s inaugural address. In this episode, Stewart focused on the section where Obama addressed the importance of government assistance. Stewart then looked at Paul Ryan’s reaction to this argument as a straw man argument. Stewart spent the next few minutes pointing out that this was not a straw man argument, since it was the exact argument Ryan used. Therefore, if anything, it was passive aggression. Stewart then tore apart Ryan’s argument about “takers” and their affect on the government saying that the figure Ryan quotes includes those on social security or Medicare. Stewart continued on to say that only two percent of the country is on welfare and most of those are the working poor. Stewart finished his argument by showing a clip of Ryan talking about when he received social security after a family tragedy and how that allowed him to work for his American dream. Stewart ends the segment by saying that this fact makes Obama’s argument neither straw man or passive aggressive, but rather plagiarism.

The second segment was about the Israeli Prime Minister elections. Stewart briefly covered the actual campaign, including ads for the incumbent, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, by Chuck Norris and Donald Trump. The rest of the segment was about people’s criticism of Obama as being anti-Israeli because of various snubs against Netanyahu and some of Obama’s criticisms or suggestions to Netanyahu which were very mild. Stewart concludes that this must mean that anyone against Netanyahu must be anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. Stewart then reveal that the election got Netanyahu on 60 seats in parliament (out of 120), so 50 percent of Israel must be anti-Semitic.

The guest for this episode was Missy Cummings, promoting the Nova special Rise of the Drones. The interview is mostly Stewart and Cummings discussing about the easy access to drone technology, what it can mean both commercially and militarily, and how the government is preparing for these changes. It was a really interesting interview and Cummings had a lot of valuable insight into drone technology. I definitely recommend checking the interview out.

As, for the rest of the episode, I am kind of ambivalent. The first segment was kind of entertaining, but I find it hard to care what Paul Ryan says about something as unsubstantial as a speech. Now, if it had been a specific action, then this would have been different. Either way, the rest of the episode was decent and had a few pretty entertaining parts.



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