'The Daily Show' recap - 1/29/13

By Tori Kronz,
Conservative Communes, Gay Rights and Melissa McCarthy

The January 29, 2013 episode of The Daily Show focuses on the idea of a conservative commune, gay rights and the guest, Melissa McCarthy.

The episode began with Jon Stewart discussing the Citadel community. The Citadel community is a plan for a conservative community that will live by Thomas Jefferson’s ideals. This community will basically be inside a castle in order to protect itself from whatever threats it is imagining. Stewart then described a similar idea Glen Beck had a few years ago. Stewart then played a series of clips where Beck described this community. Stewart’s interpretation of this plan was that it was just a different nanny state from the ones conservatives are trying to escape from. Stewart said that these conservatives try to cloak themselves in patriotism but they are just an amped up neighborhood association that will fall apart as soon as someone paints their house a weird color.

The second segment was a round up of recent gay rights news. Stewart began with coverage of the Boy Scouts considering allowing gay scout into the program. Stewart then asked what their next obvious concession to the times would be. Getting rid of the drunk driving badge? The representative that was speaking in the clips said that they wanted to respect everyone and follow a biblical form of morality. Stewart responded that saying you want to respect everyone generally means you are not and the a biblical form of morality sounds way dirtier than gay. Stewart then moves on to talk about homosexuality and sports, specifically football. He plays a brief clip of an advertisement a football player did for gay rights and talked about how there has yet to be an openly gay football player. Stewart ended the segment with a story about a former football player being charged with domestic violence by his male partner.

The guest for this episode was Mellissa McCarthy promoting Identity Theft. They talked about how funny the movie is and how its trailer is one where the audience is murmuring afterwards about how they are going to see it. They spent the rest of the interview talking about how she got into comedy. It was a brilliant story and definitely the best part of the episode.

To be fair, though, the rest of the episode was not great and that story still would be no matter where it was placed. McCarthy is hilarious and Stewart and her have decent chemistry. The rest of the episode, as I said, is not that great. It is kind of boring. I would honestly say to skip this one except for the interview.



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