'The Daily Show' recap - 1/30/13

By Tori Kronz,
Immigration Reform and Al Gore

The January 30, 2013 episode of The Daily Show focuses on immigration reform and an interview with Al Gore.

The episode began with Jon Stewart discussing the recent talk about immigration reform with a focus on conservative opinions. The main point of interest here was how adamantly against immigration reform conservative candidates during the presidential election were. It was seen has a huge threat and resulted in a lot of talk about building walls. The portion mostly consisted of a number of well-chosen and well timed clips. Stewart then revealed that an agreement on immigration reform was reached by both parties. This was followed by a clip of Senator John McCain admitting that this agreement was reached in order to appeal to Hispanic voters.

Stewart then introduced Al Madrigal in the HISpanic room. Madrigal spoke for awhile about the decision with a heavy does of sarcasm. Madrigal and Stewart then began to break down the election numbers to show that just a few more Hispanic voters could have won Mitt Romney the election. Stewart responded to this by asking where else Republicans may be able to grab a few votes and suggests African Americans. Jessica Williams immediately popped up from the bottom of the frame to inform him that it was never going to happen. She explained briefly why and then popped back out of frame. Madrigal and Stewart continued to talk and then brought up the possibility of women starting to vote more Republican. Williams popped back up to explain why that was never going to happen with a well-chosen “legitimate rape” clip.

The rest of the episode consisted of Stewart’s interview of former Vice President Al Gore. Gore was promoting his new book, The Future. They began the interview talking about Gore’s recent sail of his television channel to Al Jazeera and the issues surrounding it. There was quite a lot of them talking over each other at this point which always frustrates me. However, Gore has some interesting points to make. They also talked about American journalism’s failure to cover climate news. They also discusses capitalism and the need to reform it.

There were a lot of interesting points and I recommend watching the interview. Gore’s voice can be a bit lullabye-esque at times, but he has some interesting things to say. The first segment was absolutely hilarious and Williams’ appearances were great. This episode is definitely on the list of ones to watch.



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