'The Daily Show' recap 1/7/13

By Tori Kronz,
Fiscal Cliff, Hurrican Relief and Anne Hathaway

In the January 7, 2013 of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart discusses the efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff, Hurricane Sandy relief and the guest is Anne Hathaway.

This is the first episode of The Daily Show in three weeks and Jon Stewart points out that they have missed an immense amount of news. Out of all of these options, Stewart starts the show with coverage of congress attempting to avoid the fiscal cliff. This coverage begins with Stewart explaining the fiscal cliff with a train metaphor. It is a rather brilliant and effective metaphor. The train is the country/debt/etc. and the fiscal cliff is a woman that congress (the people on the train) tied to the tracks themselves. This metaphor comes complete with old silent movie footage. Stewart then goes on to explain the different deals and such that congress people put forward to fix the problem. Finally, as Stewart explains, they never fixed the problem. They just moved the woman down the track a bit.

The second segment of the episode covers the continued Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Stewart refers in this segment to two natural disasters that affected America last year, Hurricane Sandy and the Republican majority in the House. There is a bill that passed through the Senate that would provide $60 billion in relief to people suffering after Hurricane Sandy. Most of this seems to be going towards fixing houses and other buildings. At first, the House failed to even vote on it. Then, they separated the bill into the $9 billion for flood insurance and the $51 billion for the rest. They passed the first part and will be voting later on the second. Stewart then showed clips of republicans, such as Governor Chris Christie, harshly criticizing the House republicans for failing to help people so horribly. Stewart then rants, as he often does when something seems to so obviously need to be done, and complains about some of these republicans blatant hypocrisy. He gives a specific example of a representative who asked for a similar bill after Katrina and is now voting no.

The guest in this episode was Anne Hathaway promoting Les Miserables. Hathaway has a couple of interesting stories about shooting which she shares. It is a pretty interesting interview. If you are a fan of either the movie or Hathaway, then you probably want to watch it. If not, it is not a bad one to watch anyway.

Overall, this episode was entertaining. I enjoy a good rant from Stewart.



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