‘Dallas’ episode recap: 'Venomous Creatures'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open with Elena finding Christopher working on a crib outside the house. He tells her that he knows how much she’s taking on with him, but she supports him. Then, John Ross pulls up in the driveway. He says that he’s there to pick up JR so they can rally around Sue Ellen. He walks away after having some words with Christopher, who declares to Elena that he will be successful at the annulment hearing. John Ross watches them kiss from the window, as JR fuels his need for vengeance.

Shoot to Ann crying over her daughter in bed as a doctor injects her with something to help her sleep. Bobby watches from the doorway. After the doctor leaves, Bobby vows to get to the truth about Emma.

Shoot to Bobby outside Southfork. He’s talking to a cop named Derek, who tells him that there’s no record of Emma being found or who took her in the first place. Derek replies that the case has been cold for 20 years. Bobby then tells Derek, “You do whatever it is you have to do, but I’m not going to sit on the sidelines.”

Shoot to Sue Ellen’s home. She’s throwing out all of her campaign posters then as she pours herself a glass of wine. She hides it as JR and John Ross fight their way through the press and into the house. The three then discuss her predicament and Sue Ellen tells them that she feels like she let down everyone who believed in her. John Ross blames himself because Sue Ellen bribed the doctor to keep him out of jail. She replies that she’d do it again. Then, JR says, “Darlin’, I’m only going to say this once and I’ll deny it the minute I leave this room. The best thing you ever did was walk away from me. In the past 20 years, you started your own foundation, ran for governor and you beat the bottle. You can beat this too.”

Yet, Sue Ellen is still skeptical and says that the “state’s attorney wants to indict me on charges of bribery. So, add jail to my long list of post-JR accomplishments.” John Ross promises that they will beat this and JR vows charges will never be brought against her. Sue Ellen thanks them both for their support and John Ross then gets a text as he and JR are leaving from Pamela, who wants to meet. JR then suggests to Sue Ellen that she lend Ann some of her strength. Alone, Sue Ellen pours out the whole bottle of wine down the drain.

Shoot to Pamela interrupting a Barnes Global meeting. She announces they are focusing on clean energy development instead of casino development from now on. Frank is taken aback. He warns her against her ideas and suggests she attend more of their meetings. She replies that she intends to and sits down.

Shoot to the annulment hearing. Bobby is there with Christopher and so is Elena. Tommy's sister, Becky, is brought to the stand. She testifies on Pamela’s behalf, to Christopher's outrage. The judge then rules against annulment and says that they will reconvene during divorce proceedings. Christopher follows Pamela out and tells her that he knows she got to Becky and declares, "You wanted a war? Now you got one."

Shoot to Pamela getting in her limo to find John Ross waiting for her. He tells her that he wants her shares of Ewing Oil as payment for his help with her divorce. She replies that she’s already giving them to Cliff. “The day I take over Ewing Energies, I’ll funnel you all of the methane profits…every dollar. But, we both know it isn’t about money. It’s about crushing Christopher, that’s what you want,” John Ross tells Pamela, who then asks the driver to pull over. “If we’re going to do this, we do it on my terms,” Pamela tells John Ross, who then exits the limo.

Shoot to JR finding the state’s attorney, Peter Bedford, at his country club. JR tells Bedford that Sue Ellen bribed the doctor “only to save our boy from an erroneous murder charge.” “That’s very touching but we’re talking about bribery and obstruction of justice. I have to pursue an indictment,” Bedford replies and adds that he has no skeletons for JR to dig up.

Shoot to Bobby meeting with Harris to question him about Emma. Bobby accuses him of setting it all up just when he needed something from Ann. Then, Harris goads Bobby, who declares that he will get to the truth.

Shoot to the next day in the Barnes Global boardroom. Frank warns Pamela not to disrespect him in front of the board members again. Then, JR shows up. As Frank leaves, he warns Pamela that he knows who she shared a ride with yesterday. JR also warns Pamela about going after Ewing Oil. “Even though it's not my company, it's still my family,” he tells her.

Shoot to Pamela paying Becky a visit and giving her a duffle bag full of money, which is more than they had agreed upon. Pamela then tells her to leave town and lay low for awhile. Becky replies that she just wants to find her brother but Pamela warns Becky that Christopher will send her to jail if she doesn't leave Dallas.

Shoot to Bobby heading back to the stable Emma was riding at. He sees her horse, but no Emma. Bobby learns the horse just came from London last week. He does some research and learns that the horse is an award winner that an Emma has been riding for years and… it’s owned by Harris.

Shoot to John Ross entering the offices to find Elena, Bobby and John Ross in a conference room. They tell him about Elena buying oil platforms, which will save them tons of money. Therefore, they're giving her a portion of their shares. John Ross is willing to let go of some of his shares as well. He suggests they all give her 5% to make them equal partners. The men agree. Christopher looks skeptical and asks someone to buddy up to John Ross' secretary to keep tabs on him because he knows John Ross doesn’t give up something for nothing.

Shoot to John Ross meeting with JR later that evening to outline his plan, which will lead to John Ross and Sue Ellen taking over the company. JR is proud, but asks if John Ross is okay with screwing over Elena. John Ross replied that he’s more than okay. JR just wants to make sure he gets his piece of pie. John Ross agrees.

Shoot to Frank paying a guy to deliver Christopher a package from Tommy. It's a phone with a note to check the voicemail should something happen to him. Christopher then finds Becky in a hotel room. He plays the voicemail, which is of Pamela threatening Tommy. The next message is of Becky demanding her cut of what Tommy got from the Ewings. Christopher then orders Becky to go downtown with him to recant her testimony.

Shoot to John Ross meeting Pamela at her place. She offers him half of her shares after the divorce in exchange for Christopher's methane patent. He replies that he wants 100%. They negotiate until he gets 70%. They end up in a steamy kiss with their clothes coming off.

Shoot to Bobby meeting Harris' mother, Judith, at her house. He sees photos of a young Emma with Harris and figures out that Judith and Harris kidnapped Emma together “and you raised her in secret.” Then, Emma walks in and declares, “I wasn’t kidnapped. My father brought me to Europe and I was raised by my grandmother.” Bobby tries to tell Emma that Harris stole her from Ann but Emma replies, “He didn’t Mr. Ewing. My father rescued me that day at the fair. He saved from my mother.” Meanwhile, Judith looks on and smiles.



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