Daniel Radcliffe portrays new role in 'Kill Your Darlings'

By Elizabeth O'Laughlin,

Daniel Radcliffe is beginning to walk down a different path from Harry Potter. He is portraying Allen Ginsberg, young gay poet, in Kill Your Darlings, premiering at Sundance this year.

The Associated Press reports Radcliffe partakes in some explicit scenes with his co-actors throughout the film. His Equus Broadway debut in 2007 also featured a nude scene, so Radcliffe is no stranger to the risqué.

Kill Your Darlings is set in 1944, when Ginsberg is attending Columbia University and is introduced to the New York City bohemian lifestyle. He and his friends live a life of eccentricity, but their lives are turned upside down when a man they know is found murdered.

Moviefone.com praises Radcliffe’s performance, stating he “shines” as the younger version of the poet, with an impressive American accent and dark tousled hair.

Radcliffe believes his celebrity from the Harry Potter films could draw fans who may otherwise not be interested in a film like Kill Your Darlings, to his new projects.

“I don't care why people come and see films. If they come and see a film about the beat poets because they saw me in Harry Potter, fantastic. That's a wonderful thing.”



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