David Cameron wants to renegotiate the terms of UK membership in the EU

By Divya Prakash,

British prime minister, David Cameron, has indicated his desire to renegotiate the country’s membership deal with the European Union.

France and Germany are currently working on further integration of the eurozone, but Britain has expressed its hesitation. Historically, Britain has been weary of ceding too many national powers to the EU authority.

The Financial Times reports that Cameron said, “The countries of the euro have got to change to make their currency work. That means that if they are changing the nature of the organization to which we belong, we are perfectly entitled to ask for changes ourselves."

Any new rounds of political or economic integration could potentially be vetoed by Britain if they do not protect the country’s interests. In addition to repatriating powers to the UK before any more integration, Mr. Cameron wants to set limits on the ability of EU migrants to claim welfare in Britain.

The Euroskeptic PM has voiced concerns about the interests of Britain being ignored by more Eurocentric countries. But, Cameron has reiterated that he has no intention of leaving the EU, but simply renegotiating the terms of UK membership.

The Guardian quotes former European commissioner Lord Mandelson as saying, Cameron is “arguing not in Europe’s interests as a whole but for British exceptionalism."

The last time Britain opposed a deal most other EU countries agreed upon, a treaty was drafted outside of the EU framework and Britain was bypassed altogether.



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