'Deception' premiere recap

By Nicole Allen ,
A Whole Family of Suspects

Deception is NBC’s new suspense thriller. Meagan Good gives an outstandingly and brave performance as an undercover police officer Joanna.

Vivian Bowers walks to her car. Soon, a man approaches her. She knows him although he is incognito, and she invites him into her car. They leave. Vivian ends up dead in a hotel room. Housekeeping finds her and the medical examiner says she died due to an overdose. The medical examiner lied.

The family is contacted immediately and Vivian’s younger sister, Mia, takes the death the hardest.

When the father gets to the scene to identify the body, someone is there trying to take a picture of Vivian’s body in an attempt to collect money from TMZ. This is the first clue to the viewers at home that Vivian was not just a nobody, even as a dead body. She was clearly someone important who came from an affluent family.

After two years, Will, an FBI agent, knocks on Joanna’s door. He tells her about Vivian’s death. He knew she would take it hard because they use to be best friends. Joanna is sad and asks for a moment alone. Then, the flashbacks begin. She and Vivian were best friends before college. Will asks if Joanna would be willing to go to see the family to investigate Vivian's death. The Feds have been investigating the family for years but somehow the family keeps buying their way out of everything.

Will shows Joanna a picture of Vivian’s dead body in the hotel room. He uses the picture to persuade her to help investigate. He wants Joanna to say that her husband beat her and that she needs a place to stay as a reason to solve her friend’s murder. Joanna agrees.

Joanna arrives at the house with a host of mourners; she is still having flashbacks of her time and friendship with Vivian.

Julian, one of Vivian’s brothers, immediately approaches Joanna. Then, another flashback occurs, one of Julian and Joanna kissing. An obvious love affair occurred in their past.

The father then addresses the mourners. He begins talking about the life of his daughter and the memories he shared with her. He concludes his speech saying: “I love you to the moon and back Vivian. I always will.”

Joanna catches up with Vivian's father. She explains her bogus story of being beaten by her husband. She is obviously sincere and, as a result, the family invites her to stay for dinner.

Julian asks what Joanna she is up to. She says that she wants to stay in New York and find work. The family agrees to have her stay until she gets on her feet. The father says that she is always welcome in their home and offers her a job to work for the family company.

The sister, Mia, brings up that TMZ mentioned Vivian was murdered.

Edward, Vivian’s other brother, immediately sees that comment as an opportunity to admit that he does not think Joanna should stay. Later on, Edward and his wife have an altercation. Edward’s wife wants out. Vivian called Ed's wife the night that she died but neither Edward nor his wife know why. She tells Ed that she doesn't want his money, she just wants out.

Joanna starts searching the house while she thinks no one home. She finds Vivian's old yearbook and a picture of Mia at 28 months.

She continues to have flashbacks of them as teenagers. In this flashback, Vivian tells Joanna that she knows all about her and Julian’s love affair. Vivian tells Joanna that Julian is just using her. Then, Joanna remembers a hiding spot of theirs. She and Vivian would hide weed underneath a brick on a roof. After the flashback, Joanna goes to that exact same spot and finds a USB drive.

The younger sister, Mia, developed many of Vivian’s habits; she also has many characteristics that resemble Vivian. There is another flashback of a drunken Vivian trying to drive away from the house while Joanna runs to get her father.

Sophia, while drinking, chastises Mia for cutting school. After spotting Joanna in the hallway, she admits that she despised Vivian's drug habits and hated her late night emergency runs and the police's phone calls. Now, she wouldn’t have to deal with it at all.

Joanna connects the USB drive she found on the roof to a computer. A sex tape of Vivian plays. She was pregnant and in love with the man shown with her in the video.

After watching the video, Joanna goes outside to touch base with detective Will. She hears something suspicious in the bushes. She draws nearer and sees Mia's “boyfriend” Ray, in the tree taking pictures. At first, Joanna thinks he is paparazzi. He runs and she chases him. He tugs at her shirt and reveals her microphone set. Now he knows that she is a cop. She takes him someplace so they can talk. They agree to work together.

Ray informs Joanna that Julian created a cancerous drug that left 27 people dead in Thailand. Vivian was just about to reveal this information to the world and expose her family.

Ray finds out who the leak was ... then he is murdered.

Detective Will is there to comfort Joanna. They sleep together and rekindle an old romantic flame.

Joanna finds out that on, Nov. 19, 1997, Vivian had a baby girl. That girl is Mia.

The show ends with Julian throwing a ring in the water. The ring is the same one that left a horrible bruise on Vivian the night she was murdered.

Deception is definitely a good show worth sticking around to watch and find out who will be killed in order to find out who the real killer is.



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