Dina Lohan claims Michael raped and beat her, 'That's why Lindsay is so messed up'

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Dina Lohan is coming forward to point fingers at her ex-husband Michael, alleging that his abusive behavior during Lindsay’s childhood is the reason behind her daughter's constant erratic behavior.

According to CinemaBlend, Dina was armed with dated court documents which reveal the couple's turbulent past, including physical abuse allegations of hitting and rape.

“Lindsay saw her dad abuse me — that’s why she’s so screwed up,” Dina told reporters according to New York Daily News.

“Michael beat the hell out of me,” she claims holding up a family photo from 1986 which reveals Dina with a black eye holding baby Lindsay. “She saw a lot of crazy stuff. I want the world to know the root of her problems,” Dina continues.

Dina proclaims that Lindsay hard pressed her mother to talk about the abuse, but it wasn’t until her numerous court problems that Dina opted to let the skeletons out of her closet.

The mother of four recalls the incident explaining that she and Michael went out to dinner and by the nights end, Michael was very drunk and had been snorting cocaine. “When we left he was drunk-driving and suddenly he started screaming, ‘Get the f--- out of the car!’ ” she recalls.

Daily News notes that records show that Dina went to the hospital for “blunt force trauma.”

Michael, on the other hand, remembers the night entirely differently. “I came in at 2 o’clock in the morning after being out with some friends. I walked in and she hit me with an ice tray. With the back of my hand I slapped her in the face. Yes, it did happen in 1986. Were there any charges? No, not at all. I had a big black and blue on my neck from her,” he explains.

Dina left Michael temporarily while she tried to figure out what was best for her family. Michael quickly begged his wife to return to him one evening. Dina reluctantly took him back, she explains, and while the children were sleeping he allegedly raped her.

The 50-year-old mother returned to the hospital, where she was again examined and her clothes collected in a rape kit. She did not press charges as she states Michael was already on his way back to jail for cocaine and insider trading.

Michael insists the sex was consensual. He claims that Dina was jealous that Michael had another girlfriend while they were separated. After he left her house, he states that Dina called him, became upset that he went to see his girlfriend and called the police out of sheer jealousy.

Dina insists she is coming forward to “set the record straight” that she needs “to make the world aware that Lindsay is messed up because her father is messed up.”

Michael, on the other hand, claims that Dina is simply trying to clear her name as she is “partying” and “robbing” Lindsay.

images: INFDaily



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