‘Django Unchained’ toys pulled from eBay after further production cancelled

By Daniel S Levine,

Although the controversial line of action figures based on Django Unchained will never reach store shelves, a few did get into collector’s hands. Those hoping to make a pretty penny out of the collectibles will not be able to do so, since eBay has reportedly pulled the listings.

Last week, NECA, which produced the figures, agreed to cancel further production of the line. They had produced figures of the three central slave characters - Django (Jamie Foxx), his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) and Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson) - and the line was met with immediate protests from African American groups.

NECA had reportedly produced 1,000 figures before making the decision and several did reach eBay. Prices skyrocketed for the now rare figures.

According to TMZ, on Wednesday night, eBay pulled all those listings. “Since the manufacturer of this product has discontinued the item’s sale due to its potentially offensive nature, we are not allowing it to be sold on eBay,” an email to the sellers read.

An eBay rep later told TMZ, “These [toys] were removed as they were in violation of our Offensive Materials policy.”

While sellers were not not to re-list, some listings are still coming up. For example, this lot of three figures, including the Django and Stephen figures, is listed at $2,495.95.

image: Amazon



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