Doping investigators say Lance Armstrong lied to Oprah Winfrey in interview

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
Armstrong might may have been only partially forthcoming.

Investigators with knowledge of Lance Armstrong’s blood tests are claiming that the disgraced cyclist was dishonest in his interview with Oprah this week.

ABC News is reporting that doping investigators assigned to the case have contacted them saying that Armstrong’s account to Oprah about the timeline of his drug use contradicts blood samples that were obtained in 2009.

According to the source, Armstrong had a red blood cell count that was clearly manipulated and showed indications of two transfusion procedures.

Armstrong told Oprah that he never “crossed the line” after 2005, which is when Armstrong maintains he halted his complex doping regimen that included blood transfusions.

Oprah asked a specific question about allegations that Armstrong was receiving multiple blood transfusions as late as 2009. Armstrong denied the allegation.

His specific 2009 denial may perhaps a careful strategy to avoid more legal trouble, according to Daily Mail.

Federal prosecutors in the U.S., who have been eyeballing Armstrong’s drug case for potential criminal charges, are beyond the statute of limitations to pursue a case against Armstrong for anything in 2005. However, illegal doping that may have happened during his comeback tour in 2009 may still leave him exposed criminally.



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