Down Time in Washington, D.C.

By J M Cornwell,

In a city where all roads lead to the Washington monument, one of the biggest and most recognizable symbols in the United States, it is not surprising that the D.C. crowd see the marble edifice as an incentive to fill their nights getting away from the pressures of their busy days with porn. Or, at least, with watching porn.

According to a recent survey of video trends, Washington D.C. ranked highest on the list with 14.18 videos watched per person, most of which were pornographic. It is not surprising that the city with the biggest and most easily misconstrued feature -- the marble obelisk pointing straight up -- would have the highest number of porn viewers. (Obelisk is from the Middle French obelisque, from Latin obeliscus, from Greek obeliskos, from diminutive of obelos, all of which mean really big shaft.)

Since Washington, D.C. also holds the number five spot for rudest city in America according to America's Favorites Cities (AFC), it is not surprising that all the stress of being rude and avoiding contact with all but the most well heeled of lobbyists and special interests requires some serious (or seriously naughty) down time. At least it's a change from chasing congressional pages and White House staffers around trying to get a little something on the side since politicians will be abusing themselves instead of hopeful, naive, and bright-eyed youngsters fresh from middle America with the corn silk and hay still in their hair.

I suppose D.C. needs a little something to take their legislative minds off the fact that there are 893 registered sex offenders in the city at a rate of 672 sex offenders to every citizen, and that is just the ones accounted for.

There are a few days D.C. denizens gave themselves, and their electronics, a rest in 2012 to spend time with the family. And, perhaps, to get ready for their next busy session: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas Eve, and July 4.

I'd be interested if erections like the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials have as much effect as the Washington Monument on video watching trends in D.C. in 2013.

Here are the top 9 video watching states and the number of videos watched per person:

1. District of Columbia - 14.18
2. Hawaii - 7.57
3. Massachusetts - 7.52
4. New York - 7.50
5. Rhode Island - 7.28
6. New Jersey - 7.21
7. New Hampshire - 7.06
8. Connecticut - 7.03
9. Maryland - 6.67

The highest traffic in 2012 occurred on Dec. 27 with 12.82 million hits during the day. I'm sure everyone was trying out the new electronic gifts Santa left under their Christmas trees.

At least in one area, the United States ranks approximately in the middle at 34th in the world for cigarette smoking, tying with Israel, Australia, and Ireland. Sometimes a good video session calls for a good cigarette at the end. That comes to about 1000 cigarettes smoked per person per year.

Washington D.C. is the mecca for all things political as it is a city filled with monuments and memorials - the most in the entire United States. It must be the weight of all that history and political stress that brings out the inner animal in people.



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