Duchess of Cambridge's portrait designer speaks out against critics

By Briana Luca,
Paul Emsley defends his painting of the Duchess of Cambridge

The artist who penned the Duchess of Cambridge, Katherine Middleton’s, first portrait is finally speaking out against the backlash he has been receiving.

Paul Emsley told Hello Magazine how he felt about the harsh criticism that he has been receiving over the past few weeks since unveiling the portrait of the Duchess.

“Some of the words written about it were so personal. I'd be inhuman if I said it didn't affect me,” Emsley said in Hello, according to Vogue

"At first the attacks were so vicious that there was a point where I myself doubted that the portrait of the Duchess was any good. But now I've had time to reflect, I am still happy with it and am getting on with my life. There is nothing I would have changed."

The 75 year old painter feels that the portrait is up to par but just doesn’t photograph well.

The portrait took three and a half months to complete and is formally titled “HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.”

Despite the public criticism, the Duchess was very happy with how it turned out.

“Brilliant, amazing, absolutely brilliant,” was Katherine’s reaction.

It’s probably safe to say that the Duchess’ criticism is the only one that matters. 



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